Strategic Investments, Project Development & Innovative Planning to Drive Commercial Success

Asia is predicted to be the world’s largest attraction market by 2020 in terms of visitor numbers and value. Both domestic and international investments in theme parks, family entertainment centers and indoor entertainment facilities have rapidly risen as a result. As both old and new attractions mark their territories in this competitive marketplace, the end goal is mutual: attracting & satisfying a critical number of visitors to ensure commercial success.

The inaugural Attractions, Amusement & Entertainment Development Asia 2019 will zoom in on the latest market updates and emerging industry trends in Asia. Join us as we provide you with an unrivalled platform to explore topics ranging from the latest investment hotspots, global vs. original IP creation, effective marketing and promotion strategies, new concept development, and more.

Why You Should Attend?


the latest project updates from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and China


emerging investments in Asia’s Theme Park, Family Entertainment Center and Location-Based Entertainment industries


opportunities in Asia’s growing edutainment market


strategic partnership models to expand your market outreach


technology from self-service kiosks to analytics to transform visitor experience


with Asia’s leading attraction & entertainment stakeholders spanning operations, project development, maintenance, guest services, and more

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