Legislation Change

Legislation Change


  • Planning for the EU Patent and Unified Patent Court – How to Optimise your Strategy to Unknown Variables
    Gain practical tips on the new Unitary Patent from Claudia Tapia, Director IPR Policy at Ericsson and Dr. Hugo Caro, Head of Intellectual Property Department, Grupo Ferrer Internacional. Speakers investigate how you tactically include the Unitary Patent into IP strategy, whether it’s best to opt in or out, validity challenges, litigation costs, NPEs and much more.
  • Latest Developments in the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent
    Hear Alexander Ramsay, Vice Chair Preparatory Committee, Unified Patent Court and Deputy Director for Intellectual Property & Transport, Ministry of Justice update delegates of the Global IP Exchange 2015 on the procedural rules of the unified patent court, how you can make the best use of the courts and mitigate costs and more. Jérôme Debrulle, Chair, EPO Select Committee & Director of the Intellectual Property Office, Belgian Ministry of Economy also summarises the timeline for the draft rules for the Unitary Patent, and shares tips on how in-house attorneys should be preparing.
  • Planning for the Unified Patent Court: What Can You do Now to Prepare for an Uncertain Future?
    This critical presentation from Paul van Beukering, Chairman, Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court Paul and Manager Intellectual Property Unit, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dr Eskil Waage, Lawyer, International Legal Affairs, European Patent Office, bring you band up to date with what you should ne doing to prepare for the Unified Patent Court.


  • The New Unitary Patent System: an EPO Perspective

    The Global IP Exchange spoke to Margot Fröhlinger, Principal Director of Patent Law and Multilateral Affairs at the EPO, in advance of her session at the Global IP Exchange 2014, about work of the European Patent Office in implementing the new Unitary Patent System.