Licensing, Valuation & Monetization

Licensing, Valuation & Monetization


  • Strategies to Deal with the Black Art of Managing the IP Budget Strategies to Deal with the Black Art of Managing the IP Budget
    Watch this highly interactive panel discussion to hear Matt Dixon, Partner at HGF,
Seán Harte, Vice President, Senior Regional Counsel Intellectual Property of MasterCard, Jason Loh, Head of Strategic Planning Office and Head of Global IP Frontiers at Panasonic and Dorothee Von Cunow, Assistant General Counsel Patents at Philip Morris Products open up about whether it is possible to maximise value whilst reducing costs plus best practice in looking at historical spend, using software tools, consultants, renewals, filings and prosecution, plus much more!
  • Case Study: The Airbus Roadmap to Monetising via Licensing – How to Shift the Internal IP Mindset
    Dr. Peter Westphal, Senior Manager, Strategy IP / Licensing at Airbus takes viewers through the Airbus Roadmarp to monetising IP. Topics covered include: investing for rewards within the Airbus IP team ; how to move from a protective IP mindset to a philosophy of innovation and shifting the mindset to monetise and understand the needs of the customer.
  • Google Interview: Licensing Strategy and the Benefits to GoogleGoogle Interview: Licensing Strategy and the Benefits to Google
    Watch this interview with Kurt Brasch, Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager at Google to hear tips on licensing strategy and to hear more about the Google-Cisco license negotiations. Kurt also shares his insights into what he thinks will be prominent on the IP agenda over the next few years.
  • Uncovering the True Value of Your Company’s IP: Valuation Techniques, Best Practice and DevelopmentUncovering the True Value of Your Company’s IP: Valuation Techniques, Best Practice and Development
    Watch this presentation from the 2014 Global IP Exchange to hear from Dr Kai-Uwe Clauswitz, Senior IP Manager at Umicore as he investigates best practice when it comes to auditing and valuing your IP and offers practical tips on how a strong valuation system can be invaluable to your business.


  • Planning and Implementing Successful Licensing Strategies
    Matthias Ulrich Director, EMEA License Compliance, Dolby Europe Ltd believes it is important for businesses to first understand market conditions before planning a licensing strategy. He shares his own experiences at Dolby as well as predictions for the future of IP in Europe.


  • Patent Valuation and Monetization: Playing to Win
    Given the economic uncertainty, an increasing pressure on costs and the need to deliver maximum value from every investment made, business leaders are focusing on making the most of an organisation’s assets. According to some estimates, intangible assets, a large part of which is patents, account for as much as 60–65% of a company’s value and the key drivers of its growth. Download this Whitepaper from Aranca to learn the latest on monetization including patent valuation, patent strength analysis and financial analysis.
  • Developments in Patent Monetisation Around Increasing Transparency and Accessibility for Third Parties to a Company’s Patent Assets
    Read this HGF Whitepaper to hear more on patent monetization, including the partnership between GE and Quirky plus the approach BT and Ford, H-P, Philips and SONY have taken to monetize their patents.