What's New for 2018

With more interactive discussions and networking opportunities than ever before, you will be able to delve into and explore the top priority challenges to IP departments for 2018.

Please see below to find out what’s new for the Global IP USA Exchange in December 2018!

IP CARNIVAL: In the spirit of last years renowned IP carnival drinks reception, our agenda focuses on the hardest games to play in the IP world. Join us for one of our streamed masterclasses to discover best practice and benchmark with the leading Chief IP and Patent Counsels or the Chief Brand Protection and Trademark Officers.

MONEY MOGUL MASTERCLASSES: Discover how you can transform your patent or trademark portfolio into a money making machine with handy tips to drive your litigation, licensing and budget control forward and maximize the return on investment for IP solutions.

REWIND, REFRESH AND RE-RUN: Are you an early bird? Following our exciting drink reception brimmed full with networking and fun, join us on our early morning run where we will be starting the day with a run around the local grounds, all before we kick off our second, jam packed day at the Global IP Exchange, USA.

 THE DEFENSIVE SHEILD: With the increasing prevalence of patent trolls and counterfeiters taking advantage of the latest emerging technologies and tools, we’ll be taking a deep dive into how Chief IP, Patent, Brand Protection and Trademark Officers can arm their departments and prevent damage to the companies IP portfolio and brand.

 BUSINESS SKILLS WORKSHOP: In these workshop sessions, discover how you can influence strategic business decisions and get company wide buy in to your own IP initiatives by developing a culture of innovation, engaging the company in IP and balancing transparency and control.

 COLLABORATION HUB: During the collaboration hub, hear key insights on how collaborating with universities and companies from other sectors, pooling innovation and utilizing converging technologies can help generate new innovative thinking and drive the transformation of your IP portfolio.