Our Exchange Format:

The Global IP USA Exchange provides a unique opportunity to join an invitation only, intimate gathering consisting of 70 leading Chief IP, Patent, Trademark and Brand Protection Counsels from across the USA. All of those in attendance have been pre-qualified to determine seniority and fit with the wider initiative of the event to engage attendees in high level, strategic and open discussion to overcoming the key challenges facing corporate IP departments, to include:

  • Competitor Watch: Identify the leading strategies for monitoring and detecting competitors and manage your patent and trademark portfolio across the evolving IP landscape and global markets.
  • IP Compass: Navigate online and offline markets across the globe to proactively protect your patents, trademark and brand.
  • Defensive Shield: Defend your patents, trademark and brand with proactive strategies to combat threat of counterfeiters and patent trolls 
  • Money Mogul: Discover how to transform your patent or trademark department into a profit generating machine and move away from the traditional 'cost centre' perception

Please fill in an invitation application form to see if you qualify, or if you provide a leading service or solution to this market please download the Solution Provider Information Pack to see if there is an opportunity for you to be a part of this unique meeting.

As a leading executive in this market, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why at the Global IP Exchange you will customize your own itinerary to reflect your current initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives. Your agenda will be made up of conference sessions, one-on-one business meetings, interactive BrainWeave discussions, and other innovative networking opportunities.

We are working with a leading group of experts from across the globe, to compile an impressive peer-to-peer faculty, with brand new case studies from some of the largest and most cutting edge corporations.

What distinguishes this event from others?

The Global IP Exchange is not a typical conference and there are some key distinguishing features that provide you with a truly unique forum in which to participate

  • Attendance is exclusive - Participation is strictly limited to senior executives from leading corporations to facilitate true peer-level networking for our delegation and speakers.
  • Strategic conference sessions - The intellectual content of the conference programme is specifically designed for the seniority and maturity of the participants and has been developed following 9 months of in-depth research.
  • A personalised itinerary customised to your current business objectives - Exchange participants customise their agendas by selecting conference sessions, BrainWeaves and one-on-one meetings with solution providers that they are most interested in meeting and networking with.
  • One-on-one business meetings – The business meetings provide an exceptional opportunity for event participants to assess the solutions and services that are available to help them achieve their business objectives. For a full list of the solution providers participating please visit our solution provider’s page