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At the Group Treasurers' Exchange, we work closely with our advisory board, speaker faculty and community of Group Treasurers to design the perfect event to meet the needs of a Group Treasurer. Whether that is from providing the perfect opportunities to network, meet old friends and make new acquaintances to developing an immersive two day experience so you can learn new strategies from the pioneers in the Treasury world and benchmark with them over intimate discussion groups, we’ll help you to make the most of your time spent out of the office.

We understand justifying time spent away from work can be challenging. When you do choose to attend an event, you need to know that your time is productive and aids your current business goals. By working with our advisory board and speaker faculty we’ve made sure to shape this to fit your current goals.

2020 Speakers

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More About The Exchange

Take a look at highlights from last year's Group Treasurers' Exchange UK in the form of the 2019 Post-Event Report, Top 15 Treasury Investment Priorities and last year's agenda to five you an understanding of the Exchange as well as what to expect for 2020.

GT Exchange UK:
2019 Post-Event Report

Top 15 Treasury
Investment Priorities

GT Exchange UK:
2020 Agenda

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