Melissa Christy

Lending Product Lead 86 400

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 13th October 2020

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

11:40 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: How To Build Strong Personal Relationships With Borrowers In The Digital and Automated Loan Origination Era?

Human interaction has been always playing a significant role in loan origination process. Neobanks aim to change lending industry in Australia, and one of their biggest challenges is to establish a personal bond with customers when there is no room for face-to-face interaction. 

In this panel, hear insights on:
  • How to build strong customer experience across the digital customer journey
  • What additional benefits personalized mobile application offers for borrowers
  • How neobanks managed to become customers guide through the loan process using their technology

4:20 PM 86 400 CASE STUDY: How a Fully Digitalized Bank Responded to Their Borrowers Need For Human Port Of Call In Home Loan Origination By Closely Cooperating With Broker Network

Financial industry recognizes that home loans are one of the most essential and complex products that lenders have to offer. In most cases, mortgages mean not only long-term commitment, but also a significant lifestyle change. Study shows that home-loans customers tend to prefer a face-to-face interaction before making such an important financial decision. This kind social behavior makes it a bit challenging for Neobanks to stay competitive on a mortgage market, however, 86 400 has already solved that problem.

In this session learn how:
  • How 86 400 developed first in Australia end-to-end digital home loan
  • How close cooperation with broker network complements 86 400 digital platform
  • How smart technology enabled 86 400 to boast home loan approval process up to 6 times faster than Big 4

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Melissa.

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