Welcome to the 10th Annual Victorian Healthcare Week!

The Victorian 2018/19 Budget allocates $4.2 Billion to make sure Victorians get the best care, from the best professionals, in the best facilities. This means:

$1.2 Billion to build and expand hospitals across the state
$705 Million to meet the needs of Victorians with mental illness and addiction
$619 Million in major metropolitan hospital upgrades and a new build
$627 Million to improve regional hospitals

Victorian Healthcare Week 2020  will be about being customer-centric to achieve best possible care. It will give you the opportunity to connect and learn from people in different disciplines, including:

Infrastructure – building hospitals that are scalable, collaborative and people-centric
eHealth –  using digital and data to improve quality of care and experiences
Aged Care – evolving business models and services to remain competitive
Disrupt Technology – looking at what’s new and innovative in healthcare
Nursing – building capability and leadership among nurses, our largest workforce seg