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Understanding The Transformation Of Healthcare In Australia


Shiny new, big hospitals are – to the future healthcare needs of Australia – what coal-fired power stations have become for our energy sector. Like the energy sector, healthcare paradigms are changing rapidly. Unlike the energy sector, we haven’t even started to argue about why we aren’t planning and designing for a drastically changed future in healthcare we all know is coming.

Australian Healthcare Industry Market Report: Hospital Design, Technology and Talent

By: Australian Healthcare Week

In this report we've compiled insights from over 100 Australian healthcare professionals, find out what they think are the major innovations, challenges and opportunities that will fundamentally transform healthcare and patient experience in the coming years.

Exploring Post-Transition Challenges and Lessons Learned at Gold Coast University Hospital

By: Australian Healthcare Week

The $1.76 billion, 750-bed tertiary Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is part of a major expansion of health services for the Gold Coast community. The site covers an area of almost 20 hectares and replaces the existing Gold Coast Hospital, which was built in the 1970s. The hospital is co-located with Griffith University, forming a valuable health and knowledge precinct for the Gold Coast and attracting students to build a lasting workforce.

A CEO perspective on the future provision of healthcare in Australia

By: Australian Healthcare Week

As people continue to live longer and longer, it’s no surprise that the healthcare system across Australia is facing considerable strain.

With factors such as a steadily ageing population, evolving technology and an increase in chronic long-term diseases set to shape healthcare delivery, what steps can the sector take to confidently lead change and prepare for the increasing demand for health services in the future?

State of the Australian Healthcare Industry Report: The Top Trends Driving Australia’s Healthcare Sector in 2019 and Beyond

2018 has been a year of rapid development and change for the Australian healthcare sector. With healthcare faring well in a number of State Budgets, and the Federal Budget announced earlier this year, we’re seeing billions of dollars injected into designing, developing and modernising healthcare nation-wide. 

Northern Beaches Hospital — a new model of health care

The first hospital in NSW to achieve a 4 Star Green Star rating, the much anticipated Northern Beaches Hospital combines practicality and elegance.

The Northern Beaches Hospital is a new state-of-the-art tertiary hospital that navigates the requirements of sophisticated clinical services delivery while providing an environment that fosters dependability, security and optimism for patients, a positive and encouraging workplace for staff, and a meaningful and connected new civic building for the local community.