Wind Turbine Bearings Agenda 2020

Wind Turbine Bearings Agenda 2020

The third edition of the conference will bring together wind park owners, turbine and bearing manufacturers along with material providers to discuss the new developments and bearing technologies.

In 2020 we have put together a complex conference agenda inviting you to:

  •  Learn how to achieve a transparent assessment of bearing failures and lifetime along the supply chain 
  •  Hear about the rolling element contact pressure in pitch bearings and the influence of surrounding structures
  •  Discover new bearing design and layout for larger wind turbines including the potential of sliding bearings 
  •  Discover new approaches in validation testing of bearings
  •  Experience the potential of journal bearings performance improvement by the use of new coatings 
  •  Learn how to save cost by maximizing useful bearing life and remanufacturing of bearings 

12 - 14 May 2020 Hamburg, Germany

Download the latest agenda here:

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