13 - 15 May, 2019
Hotel Hafen, Hamburg, Germany

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Wind Turbine Bearings Agenda 2019

The second edition of the conference is offering you the opportunity to explore the complex factors that lead to resilient, long-lasting wind turbine bearings. In 2019 we have put together a complex ...


Latest bearing testing methodology and technology - Fraunhofer IWES tour

As wind turbine size is set to grow dramatically, and bearings are perhaps the most vulnerable element in the whole wind turbine system, the testing work of the “Large Bearing Laboratory” Fraunhofer IWES (LBL) work has become essential. Read more about the institute’s latest advancement in this article here for...

Goldwind Presentation on "Optimized design of adjusted bearing arrangement in 3MW drivetrain"

Read now the full presentation to learn more about:Goldwind’s comparison of different main bearing arrangementsDifficulties in the design of adjusted bearing arrangementOptimized design of tapered roller bearingsInfluence of temperature field and mounting accuracy on bearing pre-loadPresented by Yiping Shi, Assistant of Chief Engineer R&D, during the "Bearings for Wind Turbines...

NSK case study - Practical care of drivetrain bearings to avoid White Etching Cracks and extend life

Read here the full presentation and find more about NSK's approach on- Flaking Mechanisms in Rolling bearings- Influence of oil cleanliness- Mechanisms of White Etching Cracks (WEC)- Materials for extended Life and Prevention of WECPresented by Klaus Sausele, Sector Manager Wind Energy, NSK, Germany>> Download the case study here for...

ENGIE case study - Bearings failure expectations based on 4 real cases

Rémi Stein, Machinery Senior Key Expert at ENGIE presented at last year Wind Turbine Bearings International Conference on  "Main bearings failure expectations based on 4 real cases" that you read here for free:

E.ON's presentation on up-tower repair concepts

Niels Emsholm, Team Fleet Manager at E.ON Climate and Renewables in Sweden, presents on up-tower repairs and how to improve up-tower maintenance.

Continuous pitch – Influences on service life and rotor blade bearings

Prof. Gerhard Poll, Director of Institute of Machine Design and Tribology at Leibniz University Hannover in Germany, presents technical features and results from the “Highly Accelerated Pitch Bearing Test”.

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NSK Article - Key Component Roller Bearing

Read about the latest trends for roller bearings in wind energy plants and how they achieve the highest possible durability and the reduction of overall operation costs.Download the article presented is by By Klaus Sausele, Sector Manager Wind Energy, NSK Deutschland GmbH for free here:

The wind industry challenged by turbine bearing failures

Read the following article about the challenges wind industry companies are faced with by turbine bearing failures. Besides that, you will learn more about white etching cracks and how bearings go "smart".


Interview with 2 experts from Engie and Goldwind

We had the chance to interview Rémi Stein, Machinery Senior Key Expert at Engie, and Yiping Shi, Assistant of Chief Engineer R&D at Goldwind, and discuss about main bearing failures and design challenges. Read the double interview and find out which bearings are the most susceptible to problems and what...

Interview with E.ON on bearing failures

Niels Emsholm, Team Fleet Manager at E.ON Climate & Renewables, discusses in the interview what components are prone to bearing failures and why are bearing failures so difficult to predict?

Timken QnA about "Roller Bearings: From spherical to tapered to increase drive trains"

Frédéric Platz discusses tapered bearings advantages and other bearing issues ahead of IQPC's Wind Turbine bearings Conference, 2019. Download to read the full QnA here.