Roland Muttenthaler

Manager Spare Part Management and Remanufacturing Wind O&M SKF Österreich AG

Roland Muttenthaler has 15 years of experience with SKF around the rotating shaft in various industries such as Wind, Oil & Gas, Railway and Fluid Power. Roland held multiple positions within Industrial Engineering and Business Development. In his current position Roland is responsible for the Spare Part Management and Remanufacturing for Wind O&M business within SKF.

Conference day II, Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

11:10 AM Circular economy – remanufacturing in the wind sector

  • Resources on earth are limited, the circular economy approach does not stop – it can be applied to almost any industry
  • When a bearing approaches the end of its service life, replacement seems logical – they are treated as single-use components
  • But critical components - like bearings – can get a second life which can shorten cost & lead times therefore reducing potential periods of downtime
  • Most bearings can be remanufactured more than once. In other words, remanufacturing doesn’t just make economic sense. It makes environmental sense, too.

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