Si Gao

Head of Mechanical Engineering Goldwind

Conference day I, Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

9:10 AM Model based prediction

• Digital clone technology used by Goldwind to design new products
• Testing the design parameters computationally using a material science based approach to predict the life of the bearing product
• Simulation of trade off and sensitivity studies virtually

12:10 PM Panel Discussion | Along the supply chain: working better together for a transparent assessment of bearing failures and lifetime

• Are the design standards EIC61400-1 (onshore) and 61400-3 (offshore) specific enough to allow a proper estimation of major component lifetime?

• How to implement transparent and realistic statistics without leading OEMs to court issues by Owners/Operators?

• What is today the site-specific design lifetime per component?

• Most of the bearing failures will have different root causes, but material overloading seems the common point. Why not work based on reduced acceptable stress to ensure a better reliability and longer lifetime for bearings?

• Monitoring instead of detecting: Following the evolution of parameters and trends to ensure best operating conditions as a rule during life management?

• Are the maintenance protocols OEMs use sufficient as they do not cover pitch bearings and are limited for main bearings? Why not use efficient and well-known monitoring techniques such as grease-analysis and clearance measurements?

• Would it be realistic to have calibrated load sensors to measure real loads over the liability period and review the site-specific lifetime with the real loads at the end of the warranty period from the procurement contact?

• Are models for the last 10-15 years validated against field data from a rough/complex site or only from the proto site?

• Are the serial failures settled individually under NDAs between Owners/Operators and OEMs revealed to the certifying bodies as it should be to review the certification?

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