The current projections speaks of Covid-19 impacting our society well into 2021 which is why we now decide to move the event into second half of 2021 where we then believe we will be able to deliver the conference without having to compromise on the experience for everyone attending.

We very much regret that we will not be able to come together on the planned date for our established industry meeting, but the health and safety of our participants and our team remains our highest priority. We are currently working closely with our partners and clients to ensure the successful and safe reorganization of the event.

Staying competitive with advanced wind turbine tower concepts for new challenges, emerging markets and diverse locations

Wind turbine towers are continuing a trend of growth to meet the needs of rising turbine capacity to further boost renewable energy production. Hub heights need to be increased while cutting down costs for materials at the same time. Advances in Wind Turbine Towers is a technical international event for experts in the wind industry and the goal is to push forward technical development for future tower concepts. The conference will deal with current developments, improved technology and new concepts on tubular steel towers, pre-stressed concrete and hybrid towers.

The conference aims to:
    • Identify cost drivers to understand potential for further savings
    • Provide updates on certification, standardization and verifcation for better understanding of loads and fatigue
    • Discuss latest developments in tower concepts
    • Compare different foundation types and related cost structures
    • Review logistic concepts, from transport to erection, that will help you overcome design limits and challenges for hardly accessible regions

Featured Speakers

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Who is Who
Learn about your peers. Discover who else is participating in the conference. The matchmaking picture wall will help you identify who you want to meet at the conference.


Evening get-together
IQPC invites you to a joint evening get-together. Take this opportunity to network and make new business contacts. Or just to relax and round off your first conference day.


Match and Win
Identify your group while at the same time getting to know many of your peers in a short amount of time.


Interactive Q & A
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