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Integrating Technology into the Future of Financial Crime Compliance

The article shows how banks and financial institutions should integrate technology into the future of financial crime compliance. This article provides insight into:

  • The four key benefits offered by RegTech
  • 3 RegTech Case studies -
    United Bankshares, CitiGroup, SilverFinch

Rebittance and Regulation The Future of Bitcoin in Southeast Asia

In January 2015 the USA became the first country to regulate a Bitcoin Exchange. Despite this, countries in Southeast Asia are lagging behind, with many choosing to rule cryptocurrencies illegal rather than take steps to mitigate the risks and embrace the benefits they have to offer. To understand why, we take a look at the state of cryptocurrencies in Southeast Asia and look ahead at how the regulators, banks and cryptocurrency companies need to adapt to support the future of Bitcoin in the region, including:
  • How popular are Bitcoin transactions currently for remittance compared to fiat?
  • What is the current legal status of Bitcoin transactions in Southeast Asia?
  • How do Bitcoin Exchanges need to adapt to mitigate the risks of virtual currencies and get regulated?

Insider Perspective on dealing with one of the biggest Cyber Crimes in Financial Services - The Great Bangladesh Heist

With speculation regarding the overall security of the banks involved and the possibility of insider cooperation with the hackers, we delved further into the details of cyber crime incident in The Great Bangladesh Heist by interviewing Vencent L. Salido, the Deputy Director of the Philippine Compliance and Investigation Group, Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat.

Asia Most Wanted Top Ten AML Cases

The article highlights the Asia's top ten money laundering cases:
  1. Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
    Ex- President Chen Shui-bian – Taiwan
    Ex- President Ferdinand Marcos – Philippines
    Ex- President Suharto – Indonesia
  2. Organised Crime
    Ruan Zhizhong – China
    Project Eligo – Australia
    The Yakuza – Japan
  3. High Profile Businessmen and Fraudsters
    Wirapol Sukphol a.k.a
    “The Jet-Setting Monk” – Thailand
    Carson Yeung – Hong Kong
  4. Financial Institutions
    Standard Chartered

Three Ways AI is Being Used in the Fight Against Financial Crime

The PwC Economic Crime 2016 survey showed that more than one in three (36%) organisations experienced financial crime with company detection methods not keeping pace. The pressure is on the industry to find solutions to deal with financial crime efficiently. AI can offer a number of these solutions. Do you want to know more about that?

Emerging Technologies That Are Fighting Financial Crime

Financially-motivated crimes follow a cyclical pattern: new security measures emerge to combat existing criminal tactics, so criminals adopt new tactics to overcome the latest security measures, which then prompts a new wave of security measures to protect against the latest criminal tactics. Download our article to discover the cutting edge technologies that are shaping the anti-financial crime market. 

Developing a Comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) Process to Arrest Trade-Based Money Laundering Activities

Download the presentaiton from Head of Internal Control and Compliance at China Construction Bank, know more about how to development your KYC processes

Anti-Money Laundering and KYC (Know Your Customer) on the Blockchain

In this presentation from Bradley Brown Acting National Manager Strategic Intelligence and Policy at AUSTRAC explore AML/CTF risks of dealing with blockchain