22 - 24 October, 2018
Roda Al Bustan, Dubai, UAE

Whilst Middle Eastern countries are investing heavily in the development of districts and cultural attractions, there are still many barriers to success when trying to connect with the culturally conscious audience.

Developing new attractions and engaging immersive digital experiences, establishing strategic partnership models, and the creation of new visitor services are just some the elements you need to excite the mind of the global cultural tourist.

At the 3rd Cultural Tourism & Museum Development, we tackle all these key topics head-on to ensure you leave empowered and equipped with the winning approaches to capturing visitor footfall.

  • Competing with mature international cultural destinations! How to steer global cultural tourists towards the Middle East?
  • Getting visitors engaged and advocates for your attraction: what mix of digital and immersive technologies drive amplified visitor experiences¬†
  • Maximising exposure to existing tourists: finding partnership models to entice general visitors to your museum
  • Avoiding revenue slumps during the year: how to create seasonal exhibitions and new revenue