Australia' Only Conference Dedicated To  Mitigating & Managing Financial Crime, AML & Fraud

25 November, 2020 | Mercure Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

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AUSTRAC: The Next Move - The State of Financial Crime in Australia 2019

Over the past 12 months the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) has seen the number of suspicious matter reports increase by 51%.As a result, AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence unit and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulator has ta ...

The Global Framework for Fighting Financial Crime

The financial services industry invests huge amounts of resources to tackle financial crime, however the scale and impact of the problem are immense, with criminals continually evolving their capabilities to exploit the existing AML framework. This is because the current regu ...

ANZ Case Study: How To Fight FinCrime Amidst New Wave of Regulations

Ahead of the 6th Australian Financial Crime Summit, we chat to Kathleen Gaynor, Learning & Development Lead, Group Compliance at ANZ Bank, on fi ...

Reducing Misconduct through Transparent Organisational Culture

In order to overcome these problems and prevent them from occurring in the first place, local governments need to employ closer monitoring, greater compliance with governance frameworks, and embed an organisational wide culture that encourages employees to raise concerns and ...

Presentation Pack | Australian Financial Crime Melbourne 2020

Ahead of the Australian Financial Crime Summit 2020 take a look at some of the most highly rated presentations from the 2019 event. Explore exclusive insights from: Crime and Corruption CommissionNABUnisuper

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Improving money laundering and fraud detection: Lessons learned from South Australian Police’s Operation ‘Profiteer’

Darren Crowhurst, Detective Brevet Sergeant, Major Fraud Investigation Section (156) was the lead Detective on ‘Operation Profiteer’, an investigation conducted in 2016 by the SA Police – Major Fraud Investigation Section into money laundering.  The investigation identified 43 scam/fraud victims worldwide, and resulted in the arrest of an offender for over...

Preparing for the next threats in financial crime: Insights from AMP

In this interview, Graham Leney, Head of Group Financial Crime Compliance at AMP explores AMP’s approach to identifying crime and corruption and how new technologies can aid in the prevention of money laundering, fraud and corruption. 

Improving AML/CTF Compliance: A Kiwibank perspective

At the upcoming 3rd Annual Financial Crime Summit 2017, Liz Knight, General Manager of Operational Risk and Compliance, AMLCO at Kiwibank is set to explore the best strategies to implement in strengthening retention and AML expertise by supporting staff professional development.Ahead of her presentation, Liz shares insight into the steps...

7 ways to strengthen AML/CTF Compliance and Reporting

This article explores 7 key focus areas banks and other financial organisations can consider to establish and maintain robust and integrated AML and CTF programs. Read this article to learn more from leading experts from ANZ, Kiwibank, AMP, AIG, QSuper and Darren who share insight into the key strategies which...

The Future of Financial Crime

This paper sets forth five key areas that compliance officers should consider as they assess and prioritize investments to pave the foundation for their future financial crimes programs.Culture of complianceIntegrationData and technology infrastructure Regulatory change managementStaffing model and digital labor