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25 November, 2020 | Mercure Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

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Online Event: Financial Crime in the Age of Coronavirus


Financial regulators around the world are warning that the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic may results in an increase in financial crime and other misconduct due to market disruptions, reduced staff and resources, and an increase in digital uptake.

With increased threats of cyber security and fraudulence, what will this mean for financial crime and compliance teams?

Tune in to our FREE Half-Day Online Summit, 'Financial Crime in the Age of Covid-19' and deep dive into the industry's most pressing challenges, including: 

  • Aligning new AML solutions with full business continuity plan in response to Covid-19
  • Prioritising communication & collaboration to combat and identify new areas of criminal activity
  • How to prepare your workforce for changes in process and procedure 

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When: Monday, 22 June 2020

Time: 8:50 AM - 12:10 PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

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Meet your speakers: 


Hugh Logan, VP – Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, Deutsche Bank


Maria Firkin, Executive Director of Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore


Wendy Ward, VP – Regional Head of AML Compliance (JAPA), American Express 

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Improving money laundering and fraud detection: Lessons learned from South Australian Police’s Operation ‘Profiteer’

Improving money laundering and fraud detection: Lessons learned from South Australian Police’s Operation ‘Profiteer’

Darren Crowhurst, Detective Brevet Sergeant, Major Fraud Investigation Section (156) was the lead Detective on ‘Operation Profiteer’, an investigation conducted in 2016 by the SA Police – Major Fraud Investigation Section into money laundering.  The investigation identified 43 scam/fraud victims worldwide, and resulted in the arrest of an offender for over 600 counts of money laundering totaling nearly 700,000 dollars.

Based on his experience during the investigation, in this article Darren shares the key detection methods and red flags that led to the identification and arrest of a South Australian criminal, and the lessons organisations in the financial services sector can learn from the investigation to strengthen their own AML programs.

Preparing for the next threats in financial crime: Insights from AMP

Preparing for the next threats in financial crime: Insights from AMP

In this interview, Graham Leney, Head of Group Financial Crime Compliance at AMP explores AMP’s approach to identifying crime and corruption and how new technologies can aid in the prevention of money laundering, fraud and corruption.


Improving AML/CTF Compliance: A Kiwibank perspective

Improving AML/CTF Compliance: A Kiwibank perspective

At the upcoming 3rd Annual Financial Crime Summit 2017, Liz Knight, General Manager of Operational Risk and Compliance, AMLCO at Kiwibank is set to explore the best strategies to implement in strengthening retention and AML expertise by supporting staff professional development.
Ahead of her presentation, Liz shares insight into the steps banks and regulators are taking in New Zealand when it comes to improving AML/CTF compliance, her tips for recruiting and retaining top AML talent and why industry collaboration is vital to reducing financial crime.
7 ways to strengthen AML/CTF Compliance and Reporting

7 ways to strengthen AML/CTF Compliance and Reporting

This article explores 7 key focus areas banks and other financial organisations can consider to establish and maintain robust and integrated AML and CTF programs.

Read this article to learn more from leading experts from ANZ, Kiwibank, AMP, AIG, QSuper and Darren who share insight into the key strategies which can be used to better detect and manage financial crime.

The Future of Financial Crime

The Future of Financial Crime

This paper sets forth five key areas that compliance officers should consider as they assess and prioritize investments to pave the foundation for their future financial crimes programs.

  1. Culture of compliance
  2. Integration
  3. Data and technology infrastructure
  4. Regulatory change management
  5. Staffing model and digital labor