Australia' Only Conference Dedicated To  Mitigating & Managing Financial Crime, AML & Fraud

25 November, 2020 | Mercure Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Online Event: Financial Crime in the Age of Coronavirus

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Monday, 22nd June 2020 | 8:50 AM - 12:10 PM (AEST)

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8:50 AM

Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

9:00 AM

Thought Leadership Session 

9:30 AM

Power Drive

9:45 AM

Understanding How Standard Chartered Is Rolling-Out A New AML Solution Across Countries That Are in Full BCP Due To COVID-19

Standard Chartered Bank offers personal and business banking services across a network that services customers in close to 150 markets worldwide. The Financial Crime division of Standard Chartered has recently been attempting to roll out a new AML solutions across 40 countries, however COVID-19 has stalled roll out due to lack of resources in markets that are currently experience BCP. Maria Firkin will present on how she and her team have been working alongside their global offices to ensure the successful roll out of new AML and AI solutions without increasing risk and exposure to financial crimes that COVID-19 has increased such as fraudulence, identity theft, terror funding and cyber security.

• Looking to other second tier financial institutions to address areas of priority, and understand the solutions ad options available to you.

• If possible, utilise AI capabilities to identify activity generated outside of your network, and assist with continuing “business-as-usual” with a lack of resource available.

• Understanding the risk to criminal exposure has delaying the implementation of a new AML solution can have and knowing how to ensure existing legacy systems have the capability to continue functioning until roll out is complete.

Presenter: Maria Firkin, Executive Director of Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

10:15 AM


10:45 AM

Thought Leadership Session

11:15 AM

Power Drive

11:30 AM

Prioritising Communication and Collaboration Initiative Across Deutsche Bank To Combat and Identify New Areas Of Criminal Activity.

Deutsche Bank is a global multinational investment bank and financial service company with a bank network that spreads across 58 countries. Deutsche Bank has implemented response efforts within their financial crime function, to combat criminal activity and the challenges COVID-19 presents to financial security within financial institutions worldwide. Hugh Logan will present on how he and his team have deployed a number of communication and collaboration techniques to generate a 360-degree view of the company and identify areas/functions that are most susceptible to criminal activity such as phishing and fraudulence.

• Collaborating with peers, globally, across business functions and aggregating findings to identify areas of risk to criminal activity such as phishing and fraudulence.

• Educating employees of the heightened risk and susceptibility to criminal activity, and ensuring they are aware of newly implemented processes and procedures to identify and combat suspicious activity.

• Utilising data analysis to identify at-risk touchpoints, create appropriate responses and share market findings with colleagues and global peers.

Presenter: Hugh Logan, VP – Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, Deutsche Bank

11:30 AM

Gearing Your Organisation To Identify New Means of Criminal Activity That COVID-19 Presents, And Learn How to Prepare Your Workforce For Changes in Process and Procedure.

Unlike many other financial institutions, AMEX has established a rather advanced electronic verification and customer identification process due to the company’s lack of physical spaces. However, whilst COVID-19 does present identification challenges, Wendy Ward and her team have discovered that it also presents new financial risks and behaviour that has been exacerbated due to the pandemic; such as gambling, trafficking and exploitation. This presentation will discuss how AMEX have identified and developed response efforts to combat typically smaller financial crimes and criminal activity that have been exacerbated due to COVID-19 and the nature of people being isolated.

• Understand how to work collaboratively with peers in your industry, as well as regulators, to ensure you are making responsive decisions based off quality data.

• Know how to identify and defer certain processes that may be obsolete due to the nature of COVID-19.

• Quickly verify consumer or business information with multi-source identity insights to drive smarter decisions and identify suspicious behaviour that may be increasing across all functions.

Presenter: Wendy Ward, VP – Regional Head of AML Compliance (JAPA), American Express 

12:10 PMEnd of Conference 

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