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The 11th Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange is a three day event that will take place from August 4-6, 2019 in Chicago, IL and will bring together Data & Analytics Executives from leading global organizations across multiple industries. Discussions will be centered around how to improve data and analytics in the enterprise as the volume, availability, and complexity of data continues to increase and evolve. 

Some of our key topics include: 

  • The Promise of Unifying IoT Data Collection through Edge Computing
  • Empowering the End User: Self- Service BI Tools Deployment Strategy/ Design Thinking / User Empowerment
  • Leveraging the Hybrid Cloud to Drive Agile Development
  • Predictive /Augmented Analytics: Overcoming the Hype and Mastering the First Step to Explainable AI
  • Data Visualization and the Need for Data Storytelling

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