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Pricing Strategy - Handbook Part I

Whilst businesses can benefit greatly from an effective pricing strategy, in practice, few actually manage to make long-term meaningful improvements. Many would rather cut costs rather than increase their prices, fearing that any change could turn away customers. To help, in part 1 of this eBook we have compiled thought provoking case studies from well known B2C companies, to give you a sample of some of the most effective pricing strategies currently in use.

Pricing Strategy - Handbook Part 2

There are only three ways to increase profits – sell more, cut costs or raise prices! The first two are difficult whilst the third one is, in of itself, easy. The real challenge is ensuring that you introduce your price increase in a way that balances the perceived value of your product or service with the amount that customers are willing the pay for it. But even if you manage this, how do you stop sales representatives lowering their prices out of fear that price increases will drive customers away?

Read more about this topic in the second pricing strategy handbook prepared exclusively by IQPC.

Identifying when value pricing is the right strategy

Rafael Farres of Agfa presents a step-by-step process for identifying the right pricing strategy and implementing it correctly for businesses looking to adopt Value Pricing models for their product or service. The model is explained in general terms for universal applicability, but Farres notes in which ways these strategies would differ in B2B/B2C.

Download the presentation to find out if value pricing is the right strategy for your organization, and what considerations you have to take in order to be applied effectively: