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In this increasingly digital era for a branch to be profitable, its design, purpose and service need to change. Join b ...

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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s CX Transformation: Optimising Digital and In-Store Capabilities

Investing in branch transformation is a move that many banks are now making, harnessing new technological and digital capabilities to ultimately enhance customer experience and in-store service offerings. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is in the midst of such a transformation, aspiring to set their branches apart by actively engaging the...

Innovating the In-Store Experience: Optimising Branch Design and Capabilities to Improve Customer Service and Engagement

Transforming your branch design and capabilities is at the heart of delivering more personalised, satisfying experiences for your customers. Implementing strategic in-store layouts and fusing value-added technology with physical elements for seamless, differentiated customer experience, we take a look at two banks that are driving the trust back into branch...

Presentation Packet - Future Branches 2020

Ahead of Future Branches 2020 we take a look back at some of the highest rated presentations from 2019. Explore exclusive insights from: Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Bank Australia and mBank.:'How Bank Australia is evolving it’s Distribution Strategy with the Customer Experience in Mind' - Richard Irving, Head of Distribution, ...

Case Studies

Suncorp: Evolving the Branch: Providing One-Stop Solutions for Customers

Ahead of the inaugural Future Branches Summit 2017 we chat to Medina Cicak, In-Store Delivery Advisor – Store Transformation at the Suncorp Group. Medina shares with us details of Suncorp’s branch evolution – transforming branches into stores that provide customers with a one-stop-shop for life’s most important journeys. 

Banking Reimagined: Cafes not Queues

Ahead of the inaugural Future Branches Summit 2017 we explore Capital One’s revolutionary new branch model that is completely transforming the banking experience for the modern customer and delve into the benefits this model provides staff and customers alike.   


Setting course in a disrupted marketplace - The digitally-enabled bank of the future

Today’s leading financial services companies are operating in a new and more complex environment; one where the fundamental definition of how customers experience and interact with a bank is being challenged and redefined, and leading companies face competition from a myriad of disruptors.

Whitepaper: Future of the branch Where do we go from here?

As the number of branches continually increased, more processes were centralised or even outsourced to aid the efficiency of the bank. Customer service was revolutionised by the introduction of the contact centre, effectively removing the need for phone calls from customers to be answered inbranch.These centralised functions were siloed by...

From Branches to Experience Centres: Leading the way in the transformation of the branch network into experience stores

Across the world, banks’ physical branch networks are being impacted by trends including the shift to digital transactions, customers’ continuing demand for a “human touch” and consumers’ rising expectations set by other retail experiences. But while the pressure will continue, the best response isn’t to cut back towards zero branches....

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