Cassandra Gibbens

Director – Service Centres Service NSW

Conference Day One: Wednesday, 4th November 2020

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

3:40 PM Service NSW Case Study: Finding an Effective Way to Serve Transactions from Over 50 Governmental Agencies Through NSW Service Centre Hubs

Service NSW did a fantastic job with transforming their traditional branches into highly efficient service center hubs that serve transactions from over 50 different Governmental Agencies. They have tailored their 106 branches according to local community needs to guarantee that each Service Centre provides consistent service offering. Hear how they blend technology, teamwork, highly qualified staff members and Service Centre design to ensure they meet their customer needs and expectations.

In this session, learn:
  • How technology and self-service compliments Service NSW operations
  • How Service NSW design enables them to deliver great customer experience and serve high number of customers
  • How well managed and trained staff members deliver transactions from a variety of Governmental Agencies

4:20 PM Panel Discussion: How to Efficiently Innovate Branch Design for Different Sized Institutions

Branches are going thought a major redesign across the industry, but there is not a single, unify way that works for all institutions. Panelists will talk though their approach to redesign of their branches. You will learn what initiatives they have undergone, what their plans are and how the size of their institution has affected their decisions. Q&A will take place after all panelist presented their stories.

  • How branches changed in your organization in the last few years?
  • What benefits redesigning your branches brought to your organization?
  • What is your strategy for branches innovation in the future?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Cassandra.

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