April 28 - 30, 2020 | Houston, TX

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Future Offices Spring: Event Guide

Future Offices Spring: Event Guide

Saddle up - we're headed to Austin, April 29 - May 1! As the third event of the #FutureOffices Series, we hope our agenda will provide you with the basis for the structure and topics of the program.

From topics like human experience, workplace & building technology, interior design, real estate strategy, coworking, and of course health and wellness, the conference capitalizes on all of your workplace and real estate needs.

Expert Speakers include: 

  • Don Crichton, Director, Global Workplace Solutions | Global Real Estate, Amazon
  • Michael Kruklinski, EVP, Head of Region Americas, Siemens Real Estate
  • Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing, Alera Group
  • Michelle Caldwell, North America Digital Workplace Transformation Lead, Avanade
  • Sandra Peterson Corkern, Workplace Management Leader | Real Estate Technology & Innovation | Business Enablement, Ernst & Young
  • Karen Gill, Vice President, Workplace Strategy, Fidelity Investments
  • Chris Mach, Global Workplace Strategy, AT&T
Future Offices Sponsorship Prospectus

Future Offices Sponsorship Prospectus

Take a look at the Future Offices Series of events, audience breakdown, industry investment priorities, partnership opportunities and more inside this Solution Providers Guide. For additional information contact sponsor@iqpc.com

The Future of Office Design: A Look Into the 2030 Office

The Future of Office Design: A Look Into the 2030 Office

What does the future hold for office design? In this look into the 2030 office, we look at the top 11 solutions, trends and innovations expected to dramatically change office design over the next decade. Key questions we ask in this report  are:

  • What does the next generation of workers need and want from their workplaces? 
  • How will disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence impact the way we work and the spaces we work in?
  • Where is sustainable design headed and why will it be a priority over the next decade?
  • What new office architecture & design tools are on the horizon and how will they change your life for the better?
  • What do you need to do to prepare for the next wave of the digital revolution?