The Future Offices Podcast is a new series that brings you an all-encompassing approach to the future of work. Hosted by Kevin Steinberger, the Director of Future Offices, we'll be speaking with various real estate leaders and workplace visionaries each episode who are at the forefront of changing the way we think about where and how we work.

Can't squeeze this podcast into your already long list of podcasts to consume? Here's a few reasons why The Future Offices Podcast needs to be on your "must listen" list:

  • Second-to-none guests who know their stuff! These are the experts who are shaping the offices of the global labor force.
  • The future of work, all in one place! Real estate, workplace, facilities, HR, and IT working in tandem throughout our conversations.
  • 4 generations of workers means 4 perspectives of work! The challenges and opportunities of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z together in the office will be addressed.
  • It's a micro-podcast! You can turn these bite-sized, 20 - 30-minute episodes into a more exciting commute.

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About Your Host - Kevin Steinberger

Director and Producer of the annual Future Offices conferences, Kevin has a diverse commercial understanding in a variety of industry verticals across the corporate real estate, facilities, and workplace sector. Some of his hobbies include bike rides, hitting the beach, drawing, and producing music.

Episode #9:

"The Delicate Dance of Workplace Re-Entry"

Guest: Reno Decker, Hudson Yards Global Real Estate and Facilities, SAP America, New York City

On this episode we talk to a seasoned real estate pro, speaker, and advisor about mapping the new post-Covid office, striking a balance between in-person and virtual collaboration, how large enterprises can coordinate safety guidelines to work locally, nationally, and even internationally, and more.

Episode #8:

"Keeping the Workplace Safe without Killing Culture"

Guest: Larry Charlip, Vice President of Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate, Take-Two Interactive

Can you still have the same work culture post pandemic? And where should your focus lie as you plan for your workforce to renter places where many will feel decidedly uncomfortable?

Episode #7:
"Using Real-Time Data to Optimize Your Workspace"
Guests: Banner Health & FM:Systems

  • Alma Mancha, Property Operations & Senior Manager, Banner Health
  • Akhil Viz, Workplace Sales Consultant, FM:Systems

In our first ever case-study style podcast, we talk how monitoring and tracking every part of Banner Health's building life site cycle allowed them to optimize and maximize how they used their office space with FM:Systems.

Episode #6:

"What’s Fueling Change in Workplace Design"

Guest: Bob Fox, Chairman & Principal, FOX Architects and Publisher, Work Design Magazine

Although we’re facing a massive change and disruption in workplaces due to Covid-19, Bob feels this could lead to promising outcomes for our offices of the future, especially when it comes to design.

Episode #5:

"Twitter on Creating Functional Spaces with Unique Culture"

GuestSameer Pangrekar, Director of Global Design & Construction and Strategic Projects, Real Estate and Workplace, Twitter

Listen as they discuss the major focus Twitter has placed on their culture in their offices. How has Twitter effectively taken an understanding of both culture and real estate to better the functionality of their spaces? Dive in!

Episode #4:

"Why Real Estate and HR are Combining Forces to Create the Leading Workplaces of Tomorrow"

Guest: Don Watson, Vice President Global Workplace and Enterprise Services, Merck

One of our favorite topics and immensely pertinent to corporate real estate. We dive into how real estate, workplace, and facilities teams are combining tactics and strategy with HR. We dive into the why’s, how’s, and unification of these departments.

Episode #3:

"Space Matters: Building a Sense of Community & Belonging"

GuestDr. Michelle Samura, Associate Professor of Education and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, Chapman University

This episode, we talk to Dr. Michelle Samura about her groundbreaking research on building belonging. Listen and see how Michelle’s latest research, The Architecture of Belonging, is helping companies create better workplaces for our very diverse workforce.

Episode #2:

"Every Workplace Has Its Own Fingerprint"

Guest: Mark Miller, Global Workplace Technologist, Cisco

In this episode, Mark and Kevin dive into:

  • The 4 main trends when it comes to workplace and corporate real estate technology.
  • A.I. and relationship intelligence
  • The role workplace analytics are playing in shaping everything to do with offices

Episode #1:

"An Emotionally Intelligent Digital Transformation of the Office"

Guests: Avanade

  • Michelle Caldwell, North America Digital Workplace Transformation Lead, Avanade
  • Ruven Gotz, Workplace Experience Lead, Avanade

In our very first episode, we dive into tackling digital transformation of the office from a "people perspective".

They discuss:

  • Pushing the needle on engagement, productivity, and creating happier employees
  • Making the workplace comfortable through digital transformation and tools
  • Understanding culture and the change management process in the workplace