Game Quality Forum 2020 Sponsorship Agenda

Game Quality Forum 2020 Sponsorship Agenda

Take a look at the full Game Quality Forum Global 2020 Agenda for an insight on what to expect in Amsterdam this June, including the industry leaders joining us and the sessions available!

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This summer we will be bringing industry-leading QA and Localization professionals together under one roof at the Game Quality Forum in Amsterdam. Bring your team and learn, network and party with peers from around the globe and take a deep dive into the world of quality. 2020 Speakers include:

  • David King, Group Technical Director, EA
  • Bogdan Dancu, Director of QA, GamePoint
  • Tormod MacLean, QA Lead, PUBG Corp.
  • Doncho Angelov, Director, Development Services, SEGA Europe
  • Alexander Andelkovic, Senior Agile Testing Lead, King
  • Denise Lohkemper, Localization Manager, Jagex
  • Cole Tuffs, QA Lead, Riot Games
  • Patrick Görtjes, Senior Localization Project Manager, Massive Entertainment
  • Jesper Klittmark, Senior Quality Analyst, DICE

We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together ahead of the event to ensure that these market leaders are driving quality, expanding the reach of their games and enabling the potential of automation across their new releases. Please get in touch here to discuss so that we can further these conversations and discuss the opportunities available.

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