The Gaming industry is currently experiencing unprecedented and evolving challenges as global physical separations are driving the world's connection digitally. In these unprecedented months, while we all look to distance ourselves physically from one another, staying connected – sharing knowledge, ideas and new techniques that can help us all drive this industry forward should not be cast aside.

We all know that as the world becomes more connected through video games, there is great opportunity for all titles, from Triple A to Indie to reach wider audiences. Simultaneously, this brings with it new obstacles, as each region presents varied and unique challenges to provide memorable and engaging experiences as players worldwide seek new games.

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To retain and engage players, and ultimately to drive growth in sales, new tools must be tried and tested, new perspectives considered, and effective cross-functional collaboration emphasised to produce the best quality games which players crave. This is why we are bringing you the Game Quality Forum Global Digital, our exclusive two-day digital event, in collaboration with our beloved conference.

Bringing our close-knit community online together, this June, prior to our conference coming later this year, we will be tackling your most prominent challenges at a time where they matter most.


Digital Transformation

Gain Insights at this critical time 

Hear from international market leaders as they take a deep dive into the world of QA. Understand how to innovate and harness the full potential of automation to exceed your players expectations.

Organisational Culture

Don't Slow Down... Level Up! 

Take a deep dive into the future of QA and Localisation this June as we deliver unparalleled insights. Discuss all aspects of the quality life-cycle, from development, to release, to live support.


Drive strong cross collaboration

As more and more audiences turn to video games, drive cross collaboration and open communication together to both retain existing, and welcome new players.