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View Event Guide | 13th Annual Workforce Planning for Healthcare 2019

Welcome to the 13th Annual Workforce Planning for Healthcare Summit 2019, set to return on the 20 - 22 November in Sydney! Australia’s healthcare system is currently facing significant challenges, including the ageing population, the digitisation of the industry and the chang ...

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Developing Staff-Centric Innovations to Solve Health Care Workforce Issues

Ahead of Workforce Planning for Health 2018, we chat to Helen Finneran, Workforce Planner in the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria about:The steps needed to develop new roles to fill consumer health care demandsCreating new training innovations to up-skill s ...

Workforce Planning for Healthcare | Presentation Packet

Ahead of the Workforce Planning for Healthcare Summit 2019 download this exclusive presentation packet to explore insights from 2018s highest rated speakers. Learn from:Western Sydney LHDEastern HealthVictorian Department of Health and Human Services 

Supporting Your Workforce through Transformation with Values Based Leadership Workforce Planning Initiatives

The new $630m Bendigo Hospital delivers a world-class regional hospital incorporating the latest design and technology solutions, in a tranquil and caring environment. Completed in mid-2018, the Bendigo Hospital Project was the largest regional hospital development in Victori ...

Bridging the Gap: 6 Ways to Optimise Workforce Planning Initiatives in a Changing Healthcare Environment

Ultimately there is no single answer to our nation’s healthcare workforce problem, yet the Australian population is on a rapidly aging trajectory so where do we go next? As the workforce shrinks and demand increase ...

Department of Health & Human Services Victoria: Leveraging Data to Address Gaps Between the Workforce of Today and the Needs of Tomorrow

While many areas of the economy have undergone micro-economic reform and significant workforce changes in the past 30 years, the health sector has been slow to respond. Many structural elements reflect the practices of a bygone era. The objective in care should be the provisi ...

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Improving Skills, Engagement and Recruitment within the Workforce to drive results:Insights from St Vincent’s Private Hospital

In this article, Sarah Coleman, Workforce Planning and Development Manager at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, shares the benefits Magnet provides in terms of meeting long-term workforce and business objectives; and the key strategies her team is using to sustain an strong workforce culture to drive engagement and improve retention. 

Driving workforce planning outcomes with people analytics An international case study with the largest private healthcare provider in the US

In this article, Chirag Padalia, Director of Workforce Strategy & Analytics at aurora, shares how his team is using workforce analytics to identify cost saving opportunities, address critical business challenges and improve talent acquisition across the organisation.

7 ways to strengthen workforce planning strategies in a changing healthcare environment

Based on research ahead of the 11th Annual Workforce Planning for Healthcare Summit 2017, this article explores 7 steps healthcare organisations can focus on to maximise the effectiveness of staff through strategic workforce planning, understanding current capability and scenario planning for the future.

Ensuring Optimal Health Care Services with Positive Workplace Environments

Ahead of the Workforce Planning for Health Summit 2018, we chat to Colin Smyth, Program Coordinator for Metro North Hospital’s “Values in Action” Initiative about:Using Value Based Recruitment to source suitable organisational talentImproving health care service offerings by creating a positive work environmentDeveloping workplace initiatives to support staff with work...

Coping with Demand Amid a Health Care Workforce Shortage

Ahead of Workforce Planning for Health 2018, we chat to Jac Mathieson, Chief Nursing Officer at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. In this article Jac discusses:How a workforce shortage in healthcare affects hospitals How Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre copes with this issue by up skilling their existing staff to handle increased...