Operational efficiency has presented itself as a major business priority within Asia’s healthcare industry in 2020. As healthcare facilities become increasingly overwhelmed, it is now business critical to ensure operations are streamlined and more efficient than ever.

This is where tools and platforms like intelligent automation and artificial intelligence come to play. Online-offline integration is a big part of the future of healthcare. The combination of RPA, AI and Healthcare Analytics will enable healthcare to optimise processes, operation and drive patient experience.

Hospital Efficiency & Intelligent Automation is a one-day online event exploring the different technology and systems available for industry leaders to implement and leverage on, to streamline and improve healthcare operations.



Exploring Intelligence Automation in Hospital Design and Planning to Achieve Operational Efficiency

Manisha Kumar, Hospital Head & General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospitals


Reality Check – The Journey Toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Healthcare

Dr. Adam Chee, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre, Institute of System Science, National University of Singapore

Who you will meet

Hospitals, Primary Healthcare, Allied Health Professionals, Government Agencies, Health Insurance Providers and more focused on:

Patient Services

IT & Technology 

Digital & Innovation

Clinical & Medical Operations

Clinical Performance

Clinical Excellence

Clinical Services

Systems and Planning

Learn How To:

Implement digital strategies to evaluate Health Tech to help organisations prepare for the “Future Of Healthcare”

Organise tools and technology-enabled services to connect healthcare stakeholders

Examine the possibilities and the constraints of the current Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for the healthcare industry

Deploy intelligent automation in healthcare facilities to deliver quality patient care