Post-Conference Workshops: Thursday, 15th October 2020

9:00 am - 11:00 am WORKSHOP A: How to Use Existing Data In Order to Stay Compliant with Responsible Lending Conduct Obligations

Joanne Edwards - Chief Data and Risk Officer, Wisr

With Open Banking just around the corner, all lending institutions will gain access to larger amount of customer data. This will not only help acquiring new customers, but also offer an opportunity to support more responsible lending decisions at the same time. Gaining access to great amount of information is a fantastic chance for profit growth, but lenders need to know how to use is rightly. This highly cooperative session offers you a guidance on how to come up with right strategies to capitalize on usage of your internal, as well as external data.

What Will This Workshop Cover?

Joanne Edwards, Chief Risk and Data Officer at Wisr, is a passionate subject matter expert on comprehensives credit reporting and data analytics. She is a respected leader in the financial industry with her excellent experience gained by working for Westpac, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and now Wisr. Her expertise will help you understand how data and analytics can solve your business problems and enhance you to meet regulatory obligations.

• Determine ways to use and analyze data to drive profit growth while meeting regulatory obligations

• Understand how to use your complex customer data to support responsible lending decisions

• Learn the best data management principles


Joanne Edwards

Chief Data and Risk Officer

11:30 am - 1:30 pm WORKSHOP B: Delivering Unique Customer Value Propositions to Stay Competitive in the Mortgage Market

Joel Larsen - Head of Home Ownership Engagement, Westpac

With some many new entrants on the market, financial industry is now more competitive than ever before. Does your organization have a right strategy to stay

competitive? Are you trying to shift from a price and product centric approach to a customer centric one that drives origination through brand purpose and value? If these are some of the key questions you keep asking yourself, then this workshop is a ‘must attend‘ to help you re-think your mortgage origination strategy.

While there is no doubt there always has been and will be a need for home loans, it is crucial to learn how to timely and accurately respond to changing home-loan

customers’ needs across varying demographics.

Why Should You Be Excited To Workshop With Joel?

Joel Larson, the Head of Customer Engagement – Home Ownership, will facilitate this workshop. Working on the loan origination strategy across all 5 Westpac brands, Joel is a subject matter expert on mortgage customer value propositions and has already got some wins and lessons learned around aligning product, brand, service and sales strategies.

What Will This Workshop Cover?

• Determine ways to improve customer value propositions in order to remain competitive on a mortgage market

• Understand how unique customer value proposition helps to stand out from competition

• Learn how to develop separate customer value propositions for each of your target markets


Joel Larsen

Head of Home Ownership Engagement

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm WORKSHOP C: Improving Customer Experience Through The Third Party Channel

Leigh Provan - Head of Operations and Strategy - Retail Broker, ANZ

Financial Industry is currently shifting from a product economy to an experience economy. Banks now try to understand what customers are trying to achieve in their life and what their financial goals are. Financial services begins to understand their customers’ needs and start becoming an intricate part of how people live their life, rather than offering set of products and services that borrowers buy independently.

There are several ways to improve Customer Experience, and Third Party Chanel is one of the most challenging ones. Close cooperation with the Brokers channel can bring vast revenue growth, but how do you inspire the Broker Channel to stay motivated and committed?

What Will This Workshop Cover:

Leigh Provan, Head of Operation and Strategy – Retail Broker at ANZ, is a key national subject matter expert for customer projects affecting the Broker channel. Leigh has spent more than 15 years in the industry, and has been acting as a mentor to the wider Third Party team. In her day-to-day work she identifies and implements initiatives to improve overall service framework, in support of ANZ’s Retail strategy.

• Determine ways to lead example and encourage behaviors essential to the great customer experience

• Understand how to great customer experience provided though the Third Party Channel results in increased loan origination volumes

• Learn how to provide direction for Broker channel in order to keep them informed and committed


Leigh Provan

Head of Operations and Strategy - Retail Broker