11:00 am - 11:55 am Morning Virtual Networking

11:55 am - 12:00 pm Kickoff and Opening Remarks

12:00 pm - 12:35 pm The Employee Footprint: Trends And Tech Strategies For How And Where We Work

There are over 100 driving challenges within the corporate real estate and workplace industry as we move into 2021. So, it is absolutely critical to make safety, workplace experience and real estate strategy a part of your business strategy. Understanding both advanced and fundamental developments will ultimately put your physical office one step ahead of its competition.


·        Understanding and tackling factors beyond the office such as commute and employee comfortability.

Ingraining a hospitality mentality for your real estate but maintaining positive culture.

1:10 pm - 1:45 pm Panel Discussion: State of the Workplace: Lessons Learned As We Navigate The Hybrid Design And Build Process

Danielle Newton - Director of Workplace Experience, Zendesk
Scott Hazard - Head of Global Real Estate, Atlassian

Lessons learned and insight from leading innovators within the workplace, corporate real estate, and design community. 

• Key elements of a successful change management, workplace & space strategy, and design plan before, during & post COVID workplace transformations.

• Most critical pain points and successes for workplace and real estate teams during 2020


Danielle Newton

Director of Workplace Experience


Scott Hazard

Head of Global Real Estate

1:10 pm - 1:45 pm Space Per Person: What Does This Mean And How Are Companies Now Adapting?

Michele Crane - Architect, City of Boulder

Square footage per person in offices are getting smaller, given a spike in remote working and the rise of expanding workplace amenities. It is time to capitalize on a proper activity-based work environment.

• How to increase density without incurring extra, unplanned costs?

• Creating shared work environments where employees can choose where and when they would like to work.


Michele Crane

City of Boulder

1:45 pm - 2:20 pm Tech-led Reality: What Digital Workplace and Real Estate Necessities Prove A Return On Investment?

It is necessary in today’s competitive environment to leverage the right technology in order to deliver a more personalized work environment that fosters growth in productivity.

• Implementing a digital workplace strategy to promote increased revenue.

• New digital workplace approaches to drive innovation.

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm Panel Discussion: Limiting Capital Expenditure and Shortening Leases | The State of Coworking, Flex Office And Shared Space

Francesco De Camilli - Vice President - Flexible Workplace, Colliers

Beyond cost savings as compared to buying and leasing, shared and flexible offices offer greater access to amenities and services and provide access to corporate connections and partnerships. On demand flexible work spaces allows for a work and play balance.

• Where to start nowadays in a sea full of flexible providers, choices, amenities, and physical workplace styles?

• Key factors for deciding if this strategy right for your culture and workforce.


Francesco De Camilli

Vice President - Flexible Workplace

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Interactive Roundtable Discussions: Choose One!

Remote Working Challenges and Successes ; Aligning People & Workplace Functions in Fast Paced, Remote Environments


Flex On 'Em! How are Flexible Options A Part of Your Real Estate Strategy?