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Heather King

Divisional Director, SSON & Intelligent Automation Divisions

The workplace now has new meaning. COVID-19 opened up possibilities that most organizations were not considering when thinking about what their workplace and facilities would look like in 2020 and beyond. Now, one year after the start of global shutdowns, we are still mostly homebound, but with the door opening to our return to work. But, with these dramatic changes in how and where we work, what does the physical workplace mean today and what will it mean in the next several years? These veterans of workplace strategy, corporate real estate and facilities will:

·        Discuss the multidisciplinary approach the future office will need, including workplace strategy, employee experience, real estate, facilities, IT, HR and more

·        Explore what the new table-stakes are to return to work and how these are being built into return to work strategies

·        Address the technological explosion and how new technologies are aiding in the new normal


Michelle Lindgren

Workplace Strategy, Innovation and Employee Experience
Wells Fargo


Sameer Pangrekar

Head of Design and Construction


Jon Sheh

Director, Workplace Strategy
Johnson & Johnson


Andrew Farah


Nationwide’s Corporate Real Estate team manages a 6.7M SF portfolio supporting over 25,000 associates across 106 locations. In this case study, senior executives will detail the ongoing trends, portfolio analysis and workplace strategies that enabled Nationwide to make significant portfolio changes during the pandemic and prepare them to partner with company leaders to continue to reimagine future space needs.  


Kieran Sherry

SVP Corporate Real Estate


Greg Adams

AVP, Solutions Delivery
Nationwide Insurance Company


Matt Kovich

CRE Design Director

1:10 pm - 1:45 pm Panel Discussion: People are Finally Getting It: Building an Activity-Based Work Environment to Solve for Culture and Collaboration in the Workplace

Theresa Cheng - Director Facilities planning and Design, CBC/ Radio-Canada
Brandon DeWitt - Director, Head of Workplace Strategy, Genentech
John Moyer - VP, Strategic Accounts & Coworking Partnerships, Vari

What do we want? A responsive, adaptive, modern office space that holds up culture and collaboration as key tenets. When do we want it? Now!

Activity-based work (ABW) is far more than a flexible work schedule and location. It’s a complete re-imagining of how, where, and when we work, as well as, with whom and with what. This allows for a shift to get from a majority of “shallow work” to a majority of “deep work” where the employee is able to provide real value to his or her employer. In this panel, ABW experts will:

·        Explore the current thinking at their offices of the core tenets of the next-gen ABW environment

·        Examine the tools being evaluated to allow the physical office – whether at home, in the office, or a hybrid – to maintain company culture and foster collaboration between a widely varied location of individuals

·        Present wins – and lessons learned – of their current ABW initiatives and plans for the rest of 2021


Theresa Cheng

Director Facilities planning and Design
CBC/ Radio-Canada


Brandon DeWitt

Director, Head of Workplace Strategy


John Moyer

VP, Strategic Accounts & Coworking Partnerships

1:45 pm - 2:20 pm Plan to Be OSHA Compliant? How to Achieve the 3 Key Pillars for Your Office Space

Ian Hicks - Vice President, Sales, Special-T

In January, the US President signed an executive order regarding protecting worker safety in the COVID era. All businesses are awaiting an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to be put in place based around CDC guidelines also released in January, which include specific safety measures that all companies should put in place. This will affect EVERYONE who has workers returning to the office. With lawsuits against companies not protecting their employees already in the thousands, attend this session and hear about the 3 pillars of this ETS companies must put in place, as well as a case study from a practitioner on how they have already implemented these at their organization and seen the results – from employee happiness to increased productivity.


Ian Hicks

Vice President, Sales

Salesforce announced that it no longer makes sense to expect employees to work an eight-hour shift. Spotify announced that they will let employees work from anywhere even after COVID-19 pandemic. According to research, 40% of organizations are now prioritizing workplace transformation into a hybrid model and 40% of businesses plan to reduce their office floor space. All of these changes mean the office itself will not look nor feel like the office of 2019. In this session, Smarten Spaces, along with a client, will discuss:

·        How to effectively manage unused space in order to remain competitive

·        The culture and brand changes that need to occur to attract and retain talent in the new environment

·        Which digital tools and platforms can aid in bridging a mobile workforce and the physical office


Ruby Reyes

Facilities Manager
Toyota Finance Australia


Jennifer Beltran

Associate Director, Workplace Experience


Dinesh Malkani

CEO & Founder
Smarten Spaces


Jana Fain-Rossen

Director, Workplace

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Virtual Interactive Discussion Group - New Metrics and the Role of Data in Reinventing the Workplace

Daniel Smith - Senior EMEA Business Development, Occupier Solutions, MRI Software LLC

This roundtable will determine where our attendees are in their return to office and whether they have new metrics they need to monitor during and after they return employees to the workplace.

  •  We will discuss metrics pre lockdown, and what comes to mind when thinking of them post lockdown and how they are changing with the new hybrid workplace.
  •  We will address attendees' biggest challenges when it comes to leveraging or collecting data to manage these new metrics.
  •  We will discuss how technology plays into being part of the solution, capturing the right data and being able to utilize this data to derive insights for success.


Daniel Smith

Senior EMEA Business Development, Occupier Solutions
MRI Software LLC

3:40 pm - 3:40 pm Close of Day 1 - See you tomorrow!


IDG 1: Simplify the Complexities of Managing a Diverse Portfolio with an Integrated Workplace Management System

Hosted by Trimble

IDG 2: Change Management Initiatives to Get Customers to Commit to the New Workplace Model


·        How to use data-based research to back up business decisions and make employees buy in

·        How to keep the C-suite engaged in the project