Brady Watkins

Head of Commercial Automation SoftBank Robotics America

Brady Watkins is the Head of Commercial Automation at SoftBank Robotics America. He advises SoftBank partners in their automation-enabled business innovation, focusing on products and services for commercial management in sectors such as real estate, transportation, and retail. Brady works across development, engineering, marketing, and customer success to tailor strategic connected robotics solutions to partner needs and business objectives. Before joining SoftBank Robotics, Brady led digital client solutions for a global marketing execution agency, as well as spending 10+ years with a top 3 global video game publisher marketing new and existing brands, building sales strategy and integration divisions, and leading sales teams. He’s an alumnus of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.


Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

11:00 AM Modern with Machine: Implementing the Inevitable for a More Productive Office in 2020

Modern with Machine: Implementing the Inevitable for a More Productive Office in 2020 
There’s no more opting out of automation for your business, and the workplace is no exception. The modern office demands new standards, spanning connectivity to confirmed clean - and opens up opportunities for productivity, differentiation, and real impact on health and happiness of tenants and employees. 
*Technology update on robotics and automation, and physical, practical applications for business objectives in 2020
*How to enable, implement, and pair cobotics and cobotic processes with human interaction in corporate real estate

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