9th International Conference 2020

Offshore Wind Power Substations

Efficient concepts and cost savings for the next generation of substations

Offshore Wind Power Substations is a technical event for experts in the wind industry. The goal is to optimise design, construction and operation of offshore substations and converter platforms. By learning from project experience and exploring research and prototypes, we hope to improve designs, simplify construction and reduce costs for the future of offshore energy transmission.
It is now time to have a detailed look at lessons learnt and define the room for improvement for the offshore wind industry.

Why should you attend?

Discuss the risks in project execution and how to minimize risks for all parties involved

Learn about the challenges for wind power substations facing larger wind parks 

Discover the latest solutions your peers finding for minimizing wind power substations 

Hear about cost-effective maintenance strategies 

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the technology of components and electrical design 

Build a solid understanding of new technologies like floating substations – their challenges and opportunities

Keep up to date with latest certifications, regulations, and safety guidelines 

Speakers Include

By attending this valuable conference, you will:


high voltage technology for both DC and AC substations


new electrical design concepts to improve reliability


topside fabrication procedures with a focus on cost-saving


innovative solutions for cost-efficient transport and installation of substations


from project experience with design, installation and O&M of transformer platforms