Enabling Public Service Improvement, Innovation and Economic Value through a Transparent, Compliant and Secure Approach to Open Data Management

Public data is a valuable asset. The use, re-use and sharing of public data can inform decision making and ensure Australia remains competitive in the digital economy. The Australian Government is committed to realising the full potential of public data and managing public data securely.

Data volumes are growing exponentially and Australia’s public sector is currently sitting on $16 billion per year of unrealized value from data investment. It is clear that in order to realise this value, a secure and transparent approach to open data management that maintains the privacy and security of citizens is required.

With this in mind, the open government data summit will discuss innovation strategies to enable public service improvement through publishing, linking and sharing data.



  • How can you enable the sharing of open government data that maintains standards to reduce cyber risk, privacy breaches and fraud and enhance data protection?
  • How can government departments manage and integrate data to enhance decision making?
  • How can government departments create a culture to ensure open data is shared successfully?


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15+ speakers leading the way in open data management

Co-located with Australian Data Centers Summit

2 International Speakers: Perspective from A*STAR Singapore and Republic of Estonia

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