1st - 2nd April, 2020 | Luton Hoo, UK

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The Exchange seeks to address dynamics within the In House Counsel role with the emerging figures of the Chief Compliance Officers and Head of Legal Operations to help ease the burden of the legal department.

Top 5 Corporate Counsel and Compliance Investment Priorities: Law Firms

The Exchange seeks to address dynamics within the In House Counsel role with the emerging figures of the Chief Compliance Officers and Head of Legal Operations to help ease the burden of the legal department.

Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange April 2019 Investment Priorities Report

Ahead of the Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange 2019 in London last April, we surveyed legal attending the Exchange to discover where they're investing their budgets over the next 6 - 12 mo ...

THE FUTURE OF LAW Become A Strategic Business Leader To Your Organisation

In house counsel must be experts in their field and respective industries, leading the strategic direction of the business.

A View From the Top: Interview with Scott Lane, Chairman, The Red Flag Group

We recently interview Scott Lane from The Red Flag Group to get his thoughts on the most exciting trends are within in-house legal and compliance teams, as well as his thoughts on what the are most pressing challenges are for General Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers.

Eversheds Brexit Preparedness Tracker

Our partners at Eversheds have recently released their Brexit tracker which provides a quick overview of the current position in relation to legislative preparations for Brexit in the following jurisdictions: France; Germany; Ireland; Luxembourg and the Netherlands.As with all things Brexi ...

Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange UK 2019 Post-Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2019 Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers: Exclusive insights into the delegates top areas of investment for 2019 – 20120Key attendance stats so you can ...

Why The IQPC Exchange?

How choosing the leading events company for one to one business meetings will secure new clients for your growing business. Download the TokyWoky case study to discover how the IQPC Exchange can help your business.

Top Challenges Facing General Counsel And Chief Compliance Officers in 2019

It is commonly regarded that the legal and compliance sector is going through tremendous change, with the imminent rise of legal technology and alternative legal service providers on legal operations and compliance taking more of a centre stage within organisations. In this report, we look at whe ...

Rose Chapman Travelport Interview: Streamlining The Compliance Department

We sat down with Rose Chapman, Global Head of Compliance and Ethics at Travelport, who provided insights into the challenges faced within the legal industry, discussed how to streamline the compliance department and revolutionise the way the compliance teams operate.

The Red Flag Group Whitepaper: Integrity Due Diligence In 30 Points

Integrity due diligence in 30 pointsWhen we take a look back five years ago, many due diligence providers’ activities were dedicated to FCPA due diligence focused on bribery and sanctions when working with channel partners, resellers, distributors, agents and intermediaries. However ...

Abbyy Whitepaper: Transforming Contract Analytics Into Actionable Intelligence

Download this whitepaper to discover how you can help your business transform contract intelligence into actionable intelligence.ABBYY is a global leader in content intelligence solutions and services. ABBYY offers a complete range of AI-based technologies and solutions transforming ...

Eversheds Research Report: GC Career Track for In-House Lawyers

Our strategic event partners Eversheds Sutherland have created this fantastic research report which:Showcases the most useful training and experience to succeed In-HouseHighlights the obstacles faced by In-House lawyers when it comes to achieving their career am ...

The Future of Law: Become a Business Leader for your Organisation

Download this eBook to explore the ways that senior legal professionals are tackling the challenge of using their legal acumen to become a business leader at their organisation and get a seat at the decision-making table.The eBook includes panel discussions from General Counsels from Sonos ...

Analysing the General Counsel-law firm relationship

The Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange got together with Briefing magazine to research both sides of the law firm management-client equation. The result? This unique report into how well both sides understand what they want – and what they get. In the modern b ...

The Power of Persuasion: How You Can Become More Influential In The Boardroom

Nigel Jeremy, Global Head of Learning, Recruitment & Organisation Development at M&S shares practical lessons to show General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers how they can be more persuasive in the boardroom, how to get your message heard.

TelefÓnica General Counsel Interview: Outsourcing vs In-Sourcing in the Legal Department

Edward Smith, General Counsel of TelefÓnica UK Limited, speaks to the Legal Exchange Network about out-sourcing versus in-sourcing plus the factors he takes into consideration when selecting external law firms. Watch this video to learn about the transformation of the legal team and what skills t ...