Upcoming Virtual Think Tanks

What the Future of In-House Legal Practice Looks Like

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 | 3pm-4pm | 100% Online

As the rapidly evolving spread of COVID-19 is having immediate effect on business operations, we are seeing a steep increase in the numbers of the remote and digital workforce’s cross-industry. Now more than ever, organisations are leveraging communication and technology tools to re-adjust to a new virtual norm and are looking to stay engaged by sharing experiences throughout this unprecedented time.

Delivering high quality legal services may not always be possible when your team is separated, enterprise fragmented and struggling with change, and your legal team are required to be flexible to changing regulations whilst simultaneously having to perform mundane, manual tasks.

Join our VTT with up to 10 other legal professionals to discover how legal teams are coping with this change and discuss how this will transform the future of in-house legal practice. Explore how optimising legal technology now, can help you change faster in line with regulations, handle administrative work to free up time, connect you with your team and partners, and reduce potential burnout for both you and your team, in turn driving efficiency of your function by allowing them to undertake more high value work.

  • Empowering your legal function to work remotely and effectively by utilising technological advances to improve productivity and enhance results
  • Exploring the potential of tech to provide access to solutions like workflow management platforms or cost breakdown software, in turn, reducing workload and increasing business efficiency whilst minimising the risk of legal errors
  • Enabling yourself to support the C-suite in its strategic planning or improving intra-organisational and stakeholder relationships
  • Building your operational resilience in your legal team to help respond to liabilities and focus on crisis management

For more information on how to get involved, get in touch at info@exchangeevents.co.uk 

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  • Building the Modern In-House Counsel with Optimised Resources & Automated Processes
  • Moving Beyond Silos: Challenging the Way In-House Teams Provide Value

For more information on how to get involved, get in touch at info@exchangeevents.co.uk