Exclusive Content

Putting People First: Leveraging Human-Centred Design in Service Delivery

Thiss past article from the Government Service Design Summit 2018, we chat to Andrew Dadswell, Senior Manager of Strategic Engagement at ASIC explores ASIC’s strategic review of their MoneySmart offering and delves into the human centred design approaches being leveraged to shape service offerings and enhance the user experience. 

The ATO’s Digital Channel Strategy: Leveraging Effective Stakeholder Engagement to Enhance Digital Citizen Services

Managing expectations for both internal and external stakeholders is not only pivotal to the success of transforming digital services, but also ensures that they can continue to improve as future needs arise. Ahead of Digital Citizen Services, we chat to Claire O’Neill, Assistant Commissioner – Enterprise Work Management at the ATO about how they are leveraging their digital platform, whilst optimising other channels that also offer ease of access and how effective stakeholder engagement is the key to ensuring a successful transition to these changes.

Digital Identity: The Top Trends Shaping Digital Identity in 2018 & How to Take Advantage of Them

This past content piece from the Digital Identity Summit 2018  explores some of the top digital identity trends Australian organisations are using to not only build cyber fraud resilience, but also improve service delivery by investing in innovative digital identity technologies and systems.

Optimising Online Access Capabilities: Successfully Implementing a Digital Identity Framework to Improve User Engagement

We caught up with Shane Gandy, Director of Identity Management at the NSW Department of Education (DoE) to find out more about their innovative new digital identity platform and how they’re working to ensure its optimal upkeep to maintain citizen trust, ahead of Digital Citizen Services 2019.