Chairperson for Enterprise Architecture 2020 announced. Welcoming Darryl Carr

By: Editor

IQPC is delighted to announce the 2020 Chair for the 3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit is Darryl Carr, Editor for the Enterprise Architecture ProfessionalJournal.

Darryl is an Enterprise Architect with 30 years in IT and related disciplines. Darryl is active in the global EA and IT communities and is often sought for his advice on the development of material around EA and organisational change, fusing a set of disciplines such as Systems Thinking, Change Management, Design Thinking, and Agile Delivery in order to bring about transformative change.

Darryl will lead the discussion over 2 comprehensive days with architects and enterprise leaders looking to realign to business and customer needs, while shaping the future of enterprise architecture within the business.


For more information, check out the full conference program here.