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Enterprise Architecture 2021 Agenda

Enterprise Architecture 2021 is coming to Sydney this April. ! We're delighted to release the full event guide with speakers from SA Power Network, Foxtel, ANZ and more confirmed. Get your copy now to see what we have in store for you..


Top 4 Strategies for Automating Your Data Pipeline

The explosion in data, the vast array of new capabilities, and the dramatic increase in demands have changed how data needs to be moved, stored, processed and analyzed. But new architectures like data warehouses and lakes are creating additional bottlenecks within IT, because many existing processes are labor-intensive and insufficient.How...


Ericsson Whitepaper: How to bridge the gaps between business, IT and networks

In this whitepaper with Yusuf Mithat Cengeloglu, Principal Technologist & Consulting Leader at Ericsson explores: how the application of enterprise architecture (EA) principles provides excellent support by helping bridge the gaps between business, IT and networks, thereby securing an effective transformation.

Planview Whitepaper: An Enterprise Architecture Communication Framework: Three Ways to Have Business Conversations About Technology

This whitepaper by Planview, 'An Enterprise Architecture Communication Framework Three Ways to Have Business Conversations About Technology' explores;The current business landscape and the associated opportunities for enterprise architectsThe challenges enterprise architects face with current frameworks and methodologiesA simple three-part “framework” that can help enterprise architects be the drivers of transformation...

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Enterprise Architecture 2.0 Sponsorship Brochure

Enterprise Architecture 2.0 is coming to Sydney this September! We're delighted to release the full event guide with speakers from Sportsbet, Transurban, TCorp, Auckland Transport and more confirmed. Get your copy now to see what we have in store for you..

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Enterprise Architecture March Attendee Breakdown

Who went to our EA Melbourne event earlier this March that made it so successful, we're bringing Enterprise Architecture 2.0 to Sydney? Get your copy of the past attendee list to find out, and see what you can expect for September's event!

Fast Track Your Attendance - Enterprise Architecture 2.0 2019

Want to Fast Track your attendance to Enterprise Architecture 2.0 2019? It's easy! Simply download the registration form and email back to

Enterprise Architecture 2.0 2019 Business Case

We know it can sometimes be difficult to justify time out of the office. We also know that sometimes a couple of thousand dollars to attend a conference can appear expensive. But we also know that, compared with the significant gains to be made from a successful enterprise architecture function,...

Exclusive March Content

Creating an Agile Environment That Supports Digital Transformation: The Importance of Enterprise Architecture in The Digital Era

Ahead of the Enterprise Architecture Summit 2019, we speak with Peter Haviland, Enterprise Architect and Head of Strategy & Architecture (Product Innovation) at Australia Post. Peter discusses the role of architecture within the organisation and how the team is currently working to increase agility in the midst of Australia Post’s...

The Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Journey: Delivering the Vision 2025

Ahead of the Enterprise Architecture Summit 2019, we caught up with Dr Anthony Vlasic, Chief Strategy Officer at the Digital Transformation Agency. Anthony takes us through the Australian Government’s 2025 Digital Strategy and how enterprise architecture sits at the heart of their digital transformation.

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Building Enterprise Architecture Capabilities Organisation-Wide: Developing a Roadmap to Drive Agile Practices and Better Communicate the Role of EA

The University of Melbourne’s EA practice is assessing how they operate as an infrastructure service to focus internally and apply delivery methodology across the ecosystem. Introducing adapted ways of working to speed up processes with design thinking and agile methodology, the EA team is heavily influencing structures with technology governance...

State of Enterprise Architecture Survey: Results and Findings

To meet the changing expectation of businesses, the EA discipline must also evolve. In late 2017, EA Principals and the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal conducted a survey of EA practitioners. The intent was to establish a current state view of the practice, problems and potential future of the EA discipline,...

Five enterprise-architecture practices that add value to digital transformations

Enterprise-architecture teams can play an integral role in transforming companies with technologies. New survey findings and firsthand experience highlight the practices that matter most. This report was authored by Sven Blumberg, Oliver Bossert, and Jan Sokalski at McKinsey & Company, and Prof Sharm Manwani at Henley Business School. This ongoing study...

Re-Defining the EA Journey: Successfully Engaging Stakeholders to Drive Effective Architectural Strategy

We caught up with Zubair Minto, Network Strategy and Architecture Manager at Vodafone to learn more about how developing  an effective architectural strategy is solidifying the role of EA within the organisation and driving successful business outcomes, ahead of Enterprise Architecture 2.0 2019.    

Enterprise Architecture 2.0 Past Presentation Pack

Ahead of Enterprise Architecture 2.0 in September, we're delighted to release a selection of exclusive past presentations from our Melbourne event which took place in March earlier this year! Enjoy insights from: Peter Haviland, Head of Strategy And Architecture, Australia PostThanh Nguyen, Enterprise Architecture Lead, Department of Human ServicesMatthew Redhead, General Manager...