Enterprise Architecture Summit 2021 Blog

Chairperson for Enterprise Architecture 2020 announced. Welcoming Darryl Carr

By: Editor

IQPC is delighted to announce the 2020 Chair for the 3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit is Darryl Carr, Editor for the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal. Darryl is an...

What’s the best way to avoid an IT train wreck?

By: Roland Maxwell, Xfactor Collective Specialist

The Xfactor Collective specialist member Roland Maxwell touches on a topic that will sadly resonate with many from recent challenging experiences, and hopefully will prevent a few IT tragedies in 2020. 

    Enterprise architecture short- and long-term wins

    By: Daniel Lambert, Contributor, CIO

    Enterprise architecture is not just about building a business and IT knowledgebase. It’s more and more about short and long-erm wins, where enterprise architects participate in the selection of strategic priorities and about contributing specific knowledge valuable to the agile delivery solution teams afterward.