Enterprise Architecture 2021 Agenda

Enterprise Architecture 2021 is coming to Sydney this April. ! We're delighted to release the full event guide with speakers from SA Power Network, Foxtel, ANZ and more confirmed. Get your copy now to see what we have in store for you..

Top 4 Strategies for Automating Your Data Pipeline

Top 4 Strategies for Automating Your Data Pipeline

The explosion in data, the vast array of new capabilities, and the dramatic increase in demands have changed how data needs to be moved, stored, processed and analyzed. But new architectures like data warehouses and lakes are creating additional bottlenecks within IT, because many existing processes are labor-intensive and insufficient.

How can you satisfy today’s real-time data requirements while keeping data traceable and governed? By taking advantage of four key strategies to automate and accelerate your end-to-end data pipeline. Download this eBook for an introduction, with topics including:

  • The use of change data capture technology to propagate real-time changes
  • The automation of data warehouse and lakes to rapidly add trusted data
  • The role of an enterprise data catalog in making data accessible