Asif Gill

Associate Professor and Director of the DigiSAS LaB University of Technology Sydney

Conference Day One: 20 April 2021

1:30 PM Establishing Secure Digital Data Architecture: An Ecosystem Perspective

Digital transformation or digitisation requires a solid foundation of digital data ecosystem architecture where data and information need to flow beyond the boundary of a single enterprise. The challenge is: how to establish such data architecture that is adaptive in nature and enables secure data sharing in the complex ecosystem environment. In this session, Asif will speak about the following key items:

  • Digital and data
  • Stakeholder concerns
  • Approach to establish an adaptive digital ecosystem architecture for complex and heterogeneous digital environments

2:30 PM Governance or Strategy? Weighing Up The Role of EA In Centralised Governance Versus Strategic Advisory Models

The formal position of EA within the business is not well understood across all organisations, and variance in the control and guidance disparate teams direct clearly shows there is now a divergence in how EAs are viewing their role alongside agile business practices. This panel will move towards a consensus on the future of EA governance:


·        Developing strategic alignment: what role do EAs need to play in informing, shaping, and executing strategy?

·        Govern or guide; influence or control? What is the most effective path for EA enabling business action in line with its goals?

·        Competing disciplines and agreement over the role and purpose of EA within the business

·        Assigning ownership & accountability

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Asif.

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