Ebtesam Gauda

Strategic Architecture Lead- COE ANZ

Interactive Workshop Day

11:30 AM Employing EA vs Decentralised Architecture & Decision Guiderails For Empowerment Further Down the Organisation’s Structure

Architects need to become increasingly more acquainted with professional counterparts to apply new approaches to product management and cultivate a positive culture of communication. Now that digitisation is at the forefront of many organisational priorities, it is crucial that EA’s integrate and collaborate with other disciplines within their business, in order to develop and innovate new architectural practices that will drive real value to the business.


Ebtesam Gauda has been working across function at ANZ to establish a new collaborative environment amongst EA’s and other disciplines in order to drive value driven change within ANZ’s business transformation initiatives. It has been vital that Ebtesam does so, in order to maintain the EA’s capability to take the front seat to technical implementation and initiative.


Learn how to rethink the role to:


  • Expand traditional skillsets to present dynamic value and increased coordination with executives
  • Understand what market demand is driving alongside business pain points to ensure a shared enterprise direction
  • Reach consensus and re-define the role of Enterprise Architecture to align expectations within the organisation of the responsibilities and results of the department.

Conference Day One: 20 April 2021

2:10 PM Identifying And Honing The Core Capabilities Of A High- Performing Architecture Team

Communication has been clearly marked as a critical capability of modern day architecture teams, prescribing architects to build upon technical abilities with business acumen, consultancy skills, and salesmanship. It is no longer just effective to be communicating more frequently with executives and business people, now teams need to work out what communication styles stakeholders fit into, to tailor engagement and develop stakeholder empathy. Ebtesam Gauda from ANZ has been tasked with redeveloping the EA function at ANZ and creating a high-performing Architecture team that drives business transformation and innovation within the bank.

  • Adaptive styles and skills to act as an influencer to the business
  • Securing the time and understanding to develop and scale skillsets across EA teams
  • Building a skillset that builds and elevates core communication approaches

Conference Day Two: 21 April 2021

3:20 PM PANEL: Embedding Design Thinking Principles Into Enterprise Architecture Teams To Re-Imagine The Role Of The EA In Your Organisation

Do Enterprise Architects need to become design thinkers? Is this an essential skill in the arsenal, or is this best left to other business units? This panel discussion will provide attendees an opportunity to hear from EA’s about how they attempt to identify how design thinking can be leveraged within EA to direct customer-led business outcomes:

  • The strengths of Design Thinking to excel customer understanding and HCD principles within EA practices
  • How EAs can practically apply Design Thinking to steer business strategy and translate customer needs into a relevant component of a digital strategy
  • Benefits for the business of aligning architecture ‘outside-in’ to customer needs to remain relevant, respond and predict external changes in consumer behaviour

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Ebtesam.

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