Heidi Beets

Enterprise Architect, Advisory Board Member Flight Centre Travel Group & Architectural Thinking Association

Over the last 20 years, working with industry leading corporates in finance, engineering and travel, Heidi has specialised in scaling sustainable growth by designing and implementing customer-centric models.  Combining a background in Management Accounting, with being a certified Enterprise and Business Architect, her systems connect Strategy, Architecture, Organisational and Customer Design disciplines, which proves to be a winning formula.  With a strong culture and results focus for her clients, Heidi's niche is connecting commercial business acumen, architecture and design thinking to connect strategy and execution.

Essential Track Day 2: 16 September 2020

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

9:40 AM Panel Debate: Governance or Strategy? Weighing Up The Role of EA In Centralised Governance Versus Strategic Advisory Models

The formal position of EA within the business is not well understood across all organisations, and variance in the control and guidance disparate teams direct clearly shows there is now a divergence in how EAs are viewing their role alongside agile business practices. This debate will move towards a consensus on the future of EA governance:

  • Developing strategic alignment: what role do EAs need to play in informing, shaping, and executing strategy?
  • Govern or guide; influence or control? What is the most effective path for EA enabling business action in line with its goals?
  • Competing disciplines and agreement over the role and purpose of EA within the business
  • Assigning ownership & accountability

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