28 - 29 August, 2019 | Parkview Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC

Conference Day Two: Thursday, 29th August 2019

8:30 am - 9:00 am Conference Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening Remarks by IQPC and the Conference Chair:

Digby Hall, Sustainable Communities and Climate Resilience Lead at Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

Digby Hall

Sustainable Communities and Climate Resilience Lead
Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

9:10 am - 9:50 am CASE STUDY: Strengthening Risk Management of a High Value Asset Portfolio by Rolling out the ‘Risk Evaluation Tool’

The Department of Housing and Public Works is responsible for all aspects of asset management for a diversified asset portfolio comprising high value heritage assets, bridges, convention centres and office buildings. In this presentation Vince explores a carefully considered risk management tool the Department has developed that enables us, as asset owners and managers, to categorise each of its assets into a ‘high, medium or low’ risk category, taking into account all risks which could be relevant to the owner of an asset.

  • Investigating the financing and resources involved while considering the criticality of asset to Government service delivery and the community
  • Exploring risk considerations: Exposure, environmental, security, age, construction type etc.
  • How the ability to prioritise risk audits in a transparent and defensible manner is of significant value to the Queensland Government
Vince White, a/General Manager, Asset Management Strategy and Policy at Department of Housing and Public Works (Queensland)

Vince White

a/General Manager, Asset Management Strategy and Policy
Department of Housing and Public Works (Queensland)

9:50 am - 10:30 am CASE STUDY: Metering He Who Bills Wins: Strategically Monitoring Operational Costs across Various Mixed Projects

This case study will explore the user pay world from housing to large-scale precincts. From proof of concept through to end of life, we’ll uncover why recoding and documenting user pay costs is an advantage to all. 

  • Why do we need to monitor OP ex and CAP ex?
  • The impact made on the project throughout various stages
  • Project outcome reflections: How to include the right infrastructure
Phillip Newman, Service Director at Crown Group

Phillip Newman

Service Director
Crown Group


11:00 am - 11:40 am PANEL: Establishing Transparent Communication and Strengthened Coordination between FM Leaders, Property Owners and Users

The relationship between these stakeholders can become challenging especially when subject to conditions of continuous change and uncertainty. This panel will bring together leaders across these levels to share their experience and address future solutions.

  • Exploring current limitations and challenges in managing operations
  • How to better understand each other effectively streamline processes
Suzanne Westgate, Property Portfolio Manager at TransGrid

Suzanne Westgate

Property Portfolio Manager

Jose Fredes, National Property and Facilities Manager at Teachers Mutal Bank

Jose Fredes

National Property and Facilities Manager
Teachers Mutal Bank

Rodrigo Gaete, Manager Facilities & Contracts at HCF Australia

Rodrigo Gaete

Manager Facilities & Contracts
HCF Australia

11:40 am - 12:20 pm CASE STUDY: Integrating a Centralised Online Portal for the Department of Human Services to Improve User Experience and Strengthen Communication across Stakeholders

Managing 193 properties for the Department of Human Services JLL have had to transform the way information was communicated to ensure improved customer satisfaction and efficient management of contractors. This case study will explore the change and outcomes of streamlining their operations through a single portal.

  • Change management strategies: Creating an understanding for users about FM classifications
  • Achieving full transparency over contractors and better understanding their reliability
  • Exploring user experience feedback and outcomes
Chaitanya Bhojwani, Facilities Coordinator at JLL

Chaitanya Bhojwani

Facilities Coordinator

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm NETWORKING LUNCH

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm CASE STUDY: Moving towards Cloud as a Strategy to Evolve with Flexible Working and the Modern Workforce

Cloud-Based platforms for Facility Management are an adaptable and scalable solution ideal for future proofing and preparing for flexible/fluctuating occupants. This case study presentation will explore the change in storage architecture from physical to cloud and how it impacted both users and FM leaders.

  • How the transformation enabled the growth of flexible working and improved user experience
  • Investigating the challenges of cost, security and data transfer
  • Exploring how cloud service delivery can improve the communication and sharing of information with contractors

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm CASE STUDY: Why FM Leaders Must Evolve Towards a Culture of Collaboration and Partnership to Achieve Success for the Organisation

Inevitably, organisations will be (if they aren’t already) advancing towards more technologically driven environments. When these changes occur it’s important to ask who will own or be accountable for the technology, change management, stakeholder relationships and employee experience throughout the lifecycle of transformation.

  • Why the responsibilities of FM leaders are growing: Data and customer experience skills
  • Moving away from siloed working and building internal relationships: Establishing a hybrid of accountability across each aspect of the transformation lifecycle (HR, Finance, FM etc.) to ensure success
  • Promoting a connected culture that drives innovation and practicality
Katherine Tollner, Executive Director Corporate Operations at NSW Department of Industry

Katherine Tollner

Executive Director Corporate Operations
NSW Department of Industry


3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Solutions Clinic

Solutions Clinics are designed to give participants strategies and tools to deal with their most pressing challenges. The room will split into tables, where each table member will share their biggest challenge, before collectively deciding which issue to investigate in more detail.

The table will then elect a facilitator/note taker who will record the topic being explored and the ideas of the table. After 20 minutes of discussion, the facilitator of each table will then report back to the rest of the audience on their problem and the potential solutions.

  • Facility Management training and retention: How to up-skill and expand the responsibilities of your team
  • Improving stakeholder communication and procurement processes

3:50 pm - 3:50 pm Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and Main Conference Close