24 - 26 June, 2019
Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Interactive Workshops: Monday, 24th June 2019

Interactive Workshops – The IQPC Experience Explained

A workshop is offered in an intimate setting that enables you to enhance your learning experience. It is compromised of interactive formats that enable you to bounce ideas off other delegates to create thought-provoking experiences and note takeaways that you can implement in your workplace.

Workshops A: Arrival breakfast, tea and coffee

9:00 am - 11:30 am Creating an Holistic Organisational Approach to Risk and Governance: Understanding Ownership, Appetite and Tolerance through Simplified Language

Focusing on risk management and governance as a compliance issue can often create a disengaged culture, which in turn affecting the risk resilience an organisation has. It is therefore necessary to develop a more holistic approach towards engaging your organisation in risk and governance, building an understanding of risk ownership and analyzing its value to every person’s role, which will help create opportunities for a real life enterprise model and encourage sensible risk management rather than risk aversion. This workshop will focus on innovating strategies and redesigning your existing framework for better organisational resilience to meet future organisational objectives.

What will this workshop cover?

  • Avoiding the ‘tick and flick’ approach and how to cultivate a risk culture journey that is contemporary and systemic to better approach real time scenarios
  • Investigating the processes and strategies into effective buy-in from levels of the organisation to communicate awareness, shift negative mindsets around risk management and enhance organisational resilience
  • How to engage staff with risk knowledge to gain better understanding of how their individual risk appetites and your organisational tolerance can be aligned to strategically meet future objectives with a focused and action oriented attitude
  • Create a balance in leading without taking full ownership to develop collaborative arrangements to embed the right initiatives and strategies to improve the governance and communication on risk management

Daniel Atkin, Director, Enterprise Risk at Country Fire Authority

Daniel Atkin

Director, Enterprise Risk
Country Fire Authority

Workshops B: Light lunch

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Managing Ethics and Integrity in Risk and Governance to Ensure Transparency, Accountability and Optimise Organisational Performance

Culture plays an important part in risk and governance, so it is important to set the bar from the beginning and ensure you develop and build a culture of transparency and integrity to set a high expectation for honest behavior. As technology and outside disruptors continue to evolve the workforce and challenge ways of working, building the understanding of the importance of ethics and integrity will help your organisation in managing risks and upholding governance despite future changes. In this workshop, you will learn to redevelop your current framework to design and integrate ethics and integrity for future resilience and optimise organisational performance.

What will this workshop cover?

  • Tone from the top - how to embed ethical culture policies in the future
  • How to improve your correspondence throughout your organisation to develop better accountability structures and understanding among individuals and understanding of necessary changes
  • Development of in-house programs and systems to be put in place to emphasise importance of integrity and ethics in situations for better response and higher resilience in future scenarios
  • Cultivating your organisation’s positive reputation with dealing with ethics by refining strategies around your reporting regime and reporting misconduct
Cameron Bunkum, Director, Governance at Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Cameron Bunkum

Director, Governance
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women