20 - 22 May, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

Supply Chain Industry Week 2019 Blog

The Next Steps for the Ecommerce Industry with Anton Steinberger

Anton Steinberger has experienced first had just how important planning and strategising is for the fast paced ecommerce industry. This week’s guest blog post features a chat with Anton who shares an insight into his passions, concerns and predictions for the ecommerce industry.

The Importance of Digital Transformation in the Supply chain with Leonardo Marins

Digital transformation and innovation is more important in the supply chain than ever before. Discover Leonardo's thoughts on digital technology.

Discussing the Importance of the Supply Chain Industry with Sami Nazar

As we continue to introduce our advisory board members, this week we spoke with Sami Nazar from Decathlon. Transportation at Decathlon. Sami shares with us an insight into his successful career as well as his thoughts on this years’ event.

A letter from the Conference Chair

Taking a look at the Advisory Board for Supply Chain Industry Week 2019. Michael Berger, this years' Conference Chair has taken the time to give us an insight into his prosperous career in the supply chain industry as well as his work passions and his opinions on this years event.

The Biggest Disruptions faced by the Supply Chain Industry

It’s no surprise that supply chain disruptions are on the increase. So, what are the biggest disruptions facing the industry right now? And how can an average supply chain deal with these disruptions in order to keep their chain as effective and responsive as possible?

How digital is the Supply Chain Industry?

Across the globe, supply chains are considering which technologies will have the biggest impact on the success of their business. We recently surveyed over 100 senior supply chain professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of current maturity levels of digitalisation and automation across the industry, as well as the top digital trends for the year.

Meeting Changing Customer Demands with eos

As the customer becomes increasingly involved in the supply chain, the industry has to make exceptionally fast changes in order to keep up with the pace of demands. We speak with Raffaele Turturro, the Head of Supply Chain and Operations for eos, to discover how they are dealing with meeting customer demands.

The Top Priorities for Supply Chains in 2019

We surveyed over 100 supply chain professionals to discover their top five industry priorities for the next 12 months. Learn how and why collaborative working, technological innovation, risk management, sustainability and changing consumer behaviours are so important to the industry for 2019.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction for B2B Supply Chains

Whilst B2C supply chains continue to meet the needs of their customers, B2B supply chains are still taking a more traditional, cost-focused approach. Learn the steps that Angel Caja and Jotun Spain are taking to meet their customers' various expectations.

The Global State of Supply Chain Excellence

Organisations across the globe are becoming increasingly aware that their supply chain alone has the ability to influence customer satisfaction as well as impacting the cost-effectiveness of their organisations. Achieving supply chain excellence is now a priority.