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View the Day Program - Future Justice & Corrections 2020

Final registrations are closing for the Future Justice & Corrections Summit. Take a look at our final day program to view all sessions and speakers over the two day platform. 

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Normality Behind the Walls: How Norway Reduced Recidivism by 45%

What is the point of sending someone to prison - retribution or rehabilitation? 20 years ago Norway realised the answer was the latter and since then has been working hard to transform the Norwegian Correctional Services (NCS). The ’80s and ...

The Five Biggest Problems, Issues & Trends Facing Justice and Corrections in 2020 & Beyond

Understanding the varying individual needs of inmates and tailoring services to accommodate these is at the heart of ensuring meaningful rehabilitation. With shifting ideals of what constitutes rehabilitation in today’s society, organisations are finding leveraging partnershi ...

Insights from the Experts: Transforming the Future of Justice & Corrections in A/NZ

The number of incarcerated Australians increased 40% over a five-year per ...

Presentation Packet | Future Justice & Corrections Summit 2020

Ahead of the Future Justice & Corrections Summit 2020, take a look back at some of the most interesting, informative and transformative presentations from the 2019 event. Explore insights from John LiangGEO GroupG4S

Insights from the Advisory Board: Assessing the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Initiatives

Ahead of Future Prisons 2019, we have caught up with three me ...

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Reformative Prison Design

The last 30 years have seen enormous changes in the philosophy and practice of incarceration, with corrections becoming more of a ‘Human Services Business’ and less of the ‘Punishment Business’ it was in the past,” says Dr. Marayca Lopez Ferrer. “Prison architecture has become a specialisation; one that, besides the...

Supporting Young Offenders’ Rehabilitation: How Port Phillip Prison’s Youth Unit is Driving Successful Re-Integration for Juvenile Inmates

Anne Hooker, Youth Development Officer at Port Phillip Prison co-ordinates the youth unit which facilitates 18 – 25 year old males who have been placed in adult custody for the first time. Fostering a supportive community environment within the unit has beenintegral to its successful outcomes. Ahead of Future Prisons...

Lowering recidivism through innovative prison construction: Insights from Ravenhall Correctional Facility

Ahead of Future Prisons 2018, we explore Ravenhall Correctional Facility, looking into their programs that serve to re-educate and assist inmates in becoming successful citizens, creating a better community. Read our article to learn more about: • How Ravenhall’s modular construction reduced project delivery time, alleviating stress on the prison...

Reducing Recidivism by Addressing Inmate Tensions in Overcrowded Prisons

Ahead of Future Prisons 2018, we chat to Clarke Jones, Criminologist at the Australian National University as he discusses:The issues with overcrowding in prisons, such as how rising rates of violence can lead to recidivismHow specific prison layouts can work to disperse prisoner conflictEstablishing rewards in the form of family...

Security System Refresh: Victorian Correction Centres

Ahead of Future Prisons 2019, we share with you this industry case study from SAAB Technologies, one of our exhibition partners. This case study explores SAAB's OneView™ physical security information management system which has been installed and configured at two Victorian prisons.

Reducing Recidivism from the Inside-Out: Improving Reintegration Effectiveness through Practical Initiatives

Ahead of the Future Prisons Summit 2019, we take a look at four different ways that organisations are enhancing their rehabilitative and reintegration measures through innovative programmes and initiatives.Explore initiatives from:Department of Corrections New ZealandAdelaide Women’s Prison The Ministry for Children NZ Ravenhall Correctional

Improving Prisoner Reintegration by Designing Unique Prison Campuses that Leveraging Community Support Initiatives

Ahead of the Future Prisons Summit 2018 we chat to Lana Sandas, Head of Community Justice and Garry Brown, Business Development Director - Head of Strategic Projects from NorthernPathways, who will be designing, constructing and financing the Clarence Correctional Centre (CCC), with Serco as operator for the next 20 years....


An Industry Guide To Sustainable Safety Flooring

Ahead of the Future Prisons Summit, we present to you this industry whitepaper

Closing The Loop: Whole Life Costing for Performance and Sustainibility

Ahead of the Future Prisons Summit, we present to you this industry whitepaper